Sep 20

So Glad…This World is NOT My Home!

Let me just say that buying and selling a house is a headache! What one headacheperson (the seller) values, another person (the buyer) seems not to…at least not yet. Either way, both want to ‘make a deal.’ Thus, the headache! Maybe it’s because of the inspector? He takes a snap shot in time (no pun intended) at the house searching every nook and cranny to see if there is any fault. And if he’s worth his salt, he’ll find a fault. Seriously, who doesn’t want to know what needs to be fixed? Truth be known, he is actually doing us both a favor. When we look at the brick and mortar from an inspector’s lens, it reveals things that the seller didn’t think was all that bad. Still, as the seller…this is my home and it’s always been good for me! Now someone comes along who wants to take this home as theirs and all those OK things are now not so “OK.”

373This home has been our investment. But not so much in the roof and walls, as in the memories found within each room. Because, to be honest, this is our “home.” We celebrated here together and we’ve wept here together, all within these walls. Memories don’t come cheap and we should never undervalue the time we spend with our family, from the earliest of years to the ’empty nest.’ And now these walls will see a new family making new memories and celebrating together. But our home HERE is not a forever home. The memories we made will not stay within these walls. Our hearts hold and cherish ‘the home.’ There will be a day when the walls of this old house crumble with age. But our memories will be passed on from generation to generation…as the Lord allows.

So let me be reminded that…”this world is not my home, I’m just passing through.” My treasures? They are not found in the price of a home, my treasures have been laid up in heaven, ‘beyond the blue.’ And the beckoning call I’m getting isn’t coming from a real estate agent. And so I ask the question, is all this really worth a headache? When we are ready to ‘move on,’ how can we ‘feel at home’ here anymore?

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