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Sep 20

So Glad…This World is NOT My Home!

Let me just say that buying and selling a house is a headache! What one person (the seller) values, another person (the buyer) seems not to…at least not yet. Either way, both want to ‘make a deal.’ Thus, the headache! Maybe it’s because of the inspector? He takes a snap shot in time (no pun …

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Jan 10

Memory: Friend or Foe?…Jan. 11th

Memories…flood the corners of my mind, or at least how the song goes. But do our memories serve to inspire us or haunt us? Age and sickness have a way of displacing some of our fondest memories. That is discouraging when we think of all the good times we’ve had, but perhaps that’s not such …

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Jun 09

Sing to Me Again!

“O Lord, I thought the day would never come; when I could lay my burden’s down and walk with you.  And this morning as I greet the rising sun, the fondest of my dreams have all come true.  The greatest friend you’ll ever find is on a lonely mountain.  The highest high you’ll ever reach …

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