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Jul 28

If a Loss of Altitude Occurs…July 30th

“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure…” do you know what will happen, do you know what to do? With the loss of cabin pressure, there is a loss of oxygen. With the loss of oxygen, comes a loss of consciousness. And while unconscious, with little or no oxygen, suffocation is the result. …

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May 15

Would You Choose to be Hated?…May 18th

If you had the choice of walking down the road where everyone loved and admired you, or walking the path of rejection and hatred…which road would you choose? Some say that’s easy, of course I’ll take the more pleasant path. Love and respect always trumps rejection, doesn’t it? Why would anyone want to be hated? …

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Jan 11

What Will You Will?…Jan 12th

As a young boy I was blessed with a grandmother who showered me with gifts, money and meals. Two hundred pounds later I can say it was much more than I ever needed or deserved. She didn’t do it out of compulsion or guilt, she gave because she wanted to. She ‘willed’ that I would …

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