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If a Loss of Altitude Occurs…July 30th

“In the event of a loss of cabin pressure…” do you know what will happen, do you know what tooxygen mask do? With the loss of cabin pressure, there is a loss of oxygen. With the loss of oxygen, comes a loss of consciousness. And while unconscious, with little or no oxygen, suffocation is the result. If you have ever been in a plane that begins to lose altitude, you know the reason for the drill. Secure the oxygen mask on yourself, then help your child or the one who needs your assistance. Why take care of yourself first? Doesn’t that sound a little self-serving? Shouldn’t you help the weak and helpless first?

The practice is obvious when you consider the consequences. If you don’t prepare yourself for the loss of oxygen (difficult times), you’ll never be able to assist those who are ‘suffocating’ and dying? Putting on your oxygen mask first is making sure you are able to help those who need your assistance. In essence, be prepared! Join us on Sunday morning (July 30th) at the Faith Village church of Christ in Wichita Falls as we learn what to do… “When a Loss of Altitude Occurs.”

“…I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the mind also.” I Corinthians 14:15

Sunday morning, July 30, 2017

The following songs are found in the hymnal, Songs of Faith & Praise.

“Praise Him! Praise Him!” – 300

Opening our time together praising the Father is the best way to focus our hearts and minds this morning. “Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus our blessed Redeemer…” Let’s strap on our oxygen masks and be ready to praise God and encourage one another.

“He Is My Everything” – no book

Immediately following our first song, we’ll segue into this spiritual song proclaiming, “He is my everything, He is my all...” Have you notice the verse… “Some folks may ask me, some folks may say, ‘Who is the Jesus you talk about oxygen mask2every day?’.” In other words, why are you so concerned about an oxygen mask?

“I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord” – 609

Sing with energy as together we make this strong proclamation; “I’m not ashamed to own my Lord, nor to defend His cause. Maintain the honors of His word, the glory of His cross…” If you fail, can not or will not proclaim your loyalty in this setting (surrounded by the family of God), I’m afraid you’ll be hard pressed to help someone with ‘their oxygen mask.’

“A Hill Called Mount Calvary” – 373

Hope this isn’t one that is too new for us (although it was written in the late 1960’s), but the message and connection it has for the Lord’s Supper is striking. Plus, you’ll see it has a strong tie with the song to follow…we’ll sing, “…And when time has surrendered and earth is no more, I’ll still cling to the old rugged cross.”

The Old Rugged Cross” – 313

Continue singing; “…So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross, til my trophies at last I lay down.” The cross is a symbol of the death our Lord and Savior suffered for us. We don’t ‘worship’ the cross, but we do recognize what Paul encouraged the church in Philippi to remember, “…walk according to the pattern you have in us. For many walk…that are enemies of the cross of Christ.” Let’s not be enemies of the cross, but let us cherish ‘the old rugged cross’ of Christ.

“All to Us” – no book

No one can sing this song and miss the fact they have securely put on their own oxygen mask. “Precious Corner Stone, sure Foundation. You are faithful to the end. We are waiting on You, Jesus. We believe You’re All to us.” Notice that verse…we are waiting on Jesus. With a loss of spirituality in the world (cabin pressure), and with sin suffocating this world, we must secure our oxygen mask. Then, only then, will we be able to help the helpless and show them the Savior.

“Give Me the Bible” – 450

As we need oxygen, more importantly we need God’s word. Would that we understand the importance of this spiritual song and admonish one another to “hold up faith’s lamp to show my Savior near.” Are you able to answer this call for those who are needing help with their oxygen? When I ask, will you give me the Bible?

“Only a Step” – 940

Putting on your oxygen mask is not that difficult. It literally starts with one step. But we first need to listen and hear the call from our Savior. As we sing we remember His plea, “Come unto Me, I am the way…”

rescue the perishing“Rescue the Perishing” – 639

Perhaps this song fits the message from this morning more than we might realize. There are those who are perishing, suffocating for lack of oxygen. They need some help putting on their oxygen mask. IF you have your oxygen secure, you can care for the dying, and lift up the fallen. We must be ready (with our oxygen mask secure) to rescue the perishing…’in the event of the loss of cabin pressure.’

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