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Nov 26

Part 1: To Care or Not to Care…?

It was about 10:30 a.m. or so, and I was sitting in a local, and seemingly popular, millennial coffee shop, attempting to work on some things for remainder of my current school semester and for post-school work. I decided taking a second to pull back from my work and reign in my thoughts, so I …

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Mar 02

The Prayer of the Children

In January, the Freed-Hardeman Chorale toured North Texas during their Winter Tour. I was blessed to hear them sing most every night of the 12 day tour, and one of my favorite songs they sang was written by Kurt Bestor. In 2005, he shared the background for the song and how it was born from …

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Feb 02

Living So that God Will…Abide With Me

Written in 1847, Henry Lyte wrote the words to the hymn, Abide with Me as a prayer seeking God’s presence in life and death. Some contend that this hymn isn’t Biblical considering God is ‘with us always,’ Matthew 28:20. But I would encourage the reader to remember the words of Christ in John 15:5-6…“I am the …

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Apr 03

The Obituary God Wrote…April 5th

At the death of a loved one we gather together and listen to an obituary. A story, a short re-account of the birth, life and death of the one who has passed. There have even been times when the one who has died is able to write his own obituary, but  more often than not, …

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Mar 07

Measuring Time…Mar. 8th

When we talk in terms of ‘time,’ we don’t typically have trouble keeping track of seconds, minutes, hours or days. We can measure the hours in a day, the days in a week, the weeks in a month and the months in a year. It’s no trouble to even measure the years in a decade, …

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Nov 18

Remember the Soldiers

This past Saturday morning we honored our veterans at Waterview church of Christ. More than 130 of us gathered for breakfast and fellowship as we recognized 40 veterans and their widows. We listened to a couple of patriotic songs and two inspirational readings. One of those poems was entitled “A Soldier Died Today.” Written by …

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Oct 07

When the Vacation’s Over

Remember the holiday season when family would come to visit? Our homes would be open to aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, cousins and nephews, relatives who traveled days to stay with us during the holidays. I can still hear the ringing laughter and recall the days packed with meals together, games, stories and memories. …

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Jun 06

Why Have Graduations?…June 8th

Many students will ‘walk the stage’ sometime in the next few days and weeks. Whether they are moving from preschool to elementary, high school to college, or college to ‘the real world,’ we see graduations all around. We understand the importance of milestones in life, and the excitement we feel upon reaching them. Even the …

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Apr 17

The 10th Resurrection…April 20th

When the son of Zarephath and the daughter of Jarius died, they were brought back to life by the power of God. Lazurus, Dorcas and Eutychus each died, but were resurrected at the hand of Jesus, Peter and Paul. Take a quick review of the scriptures and you’ll find these five individuals were not the …

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Mar 14

Is There Life After Life?…Mar. 16th

From generation to generation this question has been asked in some form or fashion, by young and old alike; what happens after this life? Will we live again? Even looking into the book of Job we read this question being asked by a man of God who suffered through the trials of life. In extreme …

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