Nov 26

Part 1: To Care or Not to Care…?

It was about 10:30 a.m. or so, and I was sitting in a local, and seemingly popular, millennial coffee shop, attempting to work on some things for remainder of my current school semester and for post-school work. I decided taking a second to pull back from my work and reign in my thoughts, so I looked up and took in the environment around me. I noticed an older man, maybe in his early 60’s, and his young grandson, maybe 4 or 5, walking in. He had ordered his “little guy” a hot chocolate and then sat at the table next to me. A few ladies walked in shortly after, ordered

their coffee and went to sit on the soft, plush couches nearby. The little one kept asking about his grandma, the fact that his hot chocolate had “Ice” on top, and why his grandpa’s beard was so long. His grandpa then struck up a conversation with the family behind him, who was having coffee, with what looked like a daughter home from college. After talking about his Alma mater, his time in the Marine Corp, and how it had such an influence on his life, the family then thanked him for his service and parted ways He watched them leave and then the man returned his attention to his young grandson, who had been quietly sitting, watching and listening to his grandpa. The ladies that had ordered and sat on the couch, approached the older man about taking their picture, to which he agreed and joked about his lack of ability with technology. Hearing and silently observing the things going on around me, it struck me that the things we have most wrong with our world and the people therein, it’s the lack of common courtesy and care for one another. One may argue that it’s a lack of love that we’re seeing in our world, to which I would not disagree, but where do we even see and get our example of love? Obviously, I can say with utmost certainty that our example of love comes from Christ, His treatment of others and the ultimate demonstration of love, His death on the cross. If we expect to be loved by others, to be treated the way we desire to be, and to see others be treated the way we think they should be, WE need to be the example of Christ’s’ love. It is simple, but not easy. Loving how He loved, is not something we can expect to happen as soon as we’re baptized or as soon as we pray about it. It takes practice. Learning how to love someone regardless of their actions and flaws, is not something that is picked up after one ‘attempt’. We will fail, but that is all part of learning how to be better the next time.

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