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Feb 16

A Song Leader’s Guide…Pt. 1

Over the years some of my brothers and sisters in Christ have asked me, “How do you do it? How do you know what notes to sing, when you’re directing the songs, how do you know how to move your arms, how can you sing in front of so many people?” First of all, I’m …

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Jul 28

Heavenward ‘Applause’

For a moment, think about how we train our young people. Those in our children’s Bible classes and up through the teen years. So often we talk about teaching our young men to lead, but stop short of providing them with the opportunity. We provide summer trips, monthly activities and weekly Bible studies, we even …

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Aug 30

The Opportunity of a Life Time…September 1st

Some things only come around ‘once in a life time.’  We look forward to those opportunities when we can ‘make our mark’ or share some level of expertise that will effect that one-time, life-changing event.  So what would you do when that time comes?  Do you know when that moment will be? Maybe we should …

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Feb 01

Basic Training for Parents…Feb. 3rd

Sunday, February 3rd at Waterview church of Christ, our sermon title is: “Basic Training…For Parents”.  The following ‘order of worship’ is designed to provide you a glimpse of our song selection (either early or after the fact). We have a great responsibility to train up our children, and mom and dad need to be prepared …

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Jun 26

Securing the Hearts of Our Youth…Part 2

As we consider the importance of ‘securing the hearts of our young people’ for a life of faithful service, let’s continue to investigate the components of this pressing topic.  Digging deeper into the question at hand, we turn again to examine the previously mentioned, three basic elements of securing their hearts.  Together, I believe that …

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