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Aug 18

9-1-1 or 4-1-1?

Almost 35 years ago, a comedy hit the silver screen with the tag line, “Who ya gonna call?” Most know the response as the title of the movie…”Ghostbusters!” If you have ghosts, call for help. But away from Hollywood, some 25 years earlier, the ‘Universal Emergency Number’ was established. You know that number as 9-1-1. …

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Aug 30

The Opportunity of a Life Time…September 1st

Some things only come around ‘once in a life time.’  We look forward to those opportunities when we can ‘make our mark’ or share some level of expertise that will effect that one-time, life-changing event.  So what would you do when that time comes?  Do you know when that moment will be? Maybe we should …

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