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Jan 27

The Difference a Word Makes?

Terry Harmon, my good friend and brother in Christ, has begun a new work with his family in Denver, Colorado.  He has served more than 20 years in the mission fields of Russia and Ukraine, but in the last few years has been drawn back to the states where he worked as a pulpit minister.  …

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Jan 29

Remembering Italy

This morning as I was catching up on some old friends (via Facebook), I notice there was a ‘friend request’ from an unfamiliar name.  The name of the lady was one I didn’t recognize and therefore didn’t know.  Most of the time I’m happy to accept request from people I’ve met or acquaintances from my …

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Aug 05

Who Is Going to Win?

Several of my best friends are ministers in the Lord’s church.  Some have been in mission fields around the world while others have served the Lord stateside. One of my best friends has worked as a missionary in Poland, Russia and most recently the Ukraine.  We have been friends since the late 1980’s and I’m …

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