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Apr 13

A Song Leader’s Guide…Pt. 3

Since February we have been following a series of three lessons that focus on the responsibilities of the song leader, otherwise known as the Song Leader’s Guide. This last of three articles will be centered around the Three “P’s” of song leading; Proactive, Practice and Plan. Though this article may over lap with the first …

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Jun 25

Congregational Singing

Last week, in his article about Hymnology, Richard Dent sited 7 rules for congregational singing.  Taking a deeper look into these principles might inspire us to consider how we sing on Sunday morning, and how (do) we prepare ourselves to sing. We mentioned the book by John & Charles Wesley from the early 1700’s, “Selected …

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Jan 21

That’s All I Want…Jan 20th

A friend of mine shared a GREAT idea about posting the order of worship for members of the congregation and prospective worship leaders.  This simple use of the world wide web will allow those interested to get a glimpse of what’s coming up for Sunday morning.  Nice idea, and one I think will benefit those …

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Jun 29

Area-wide Singing…

Recently a friend of mine shared with me this newspaper article from McNairy County Independent Appeal newspaper in west Tennessee.  The article announces a Sunday morning singing in Finger, Tennessee, just south of Henderson, Tennessee.  The date of this article is August 15, 1913.  Step back in time and read how a small, rural community …

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