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Apr 28

Salvation Belongs Our God

One of my favorite things about psalms, hymns and spiritual songs is finding scripture woven within the songs we sing. The 23rd Psalm, “The Lord’s My Shepherd,” Lamentations 3, “The Steadfast Love of the Lord” as well Psalm 121, “Unto the Hills” are songs we sing that quote almost verbatim the text. Recently I have …

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Jul 11

Bible Study Flashbacks…July 13th

“A memory revisited” is one of the definitions given for a flashback. And most likely you’ve experienced such an event. Remembering something back in time, a flashback to the past. But what kinds of ‘flashbacks’ do I have with Bible study? Are there examples of such things found within scripture? Look no further than Luke …

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May 02

Die Empty…May 4th

What a helpless feeling as your car sputters to a stop, leaving you to look down and see the gas gauge on EMPTY. With nothing left, your gas tank is dried up. It’s one thing to accidentally ‘run out of gas,’ but it is something entirely different to purposely drain your tank. So the question …

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Apr 04

From the Beginning to the End…April 6th

There’s a simple little pamphlet that provides ‘expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, and (the) historical background’ of many literary works. This study guide, CliffsNotes, has provided students with the opportunity to learn about a specific book. A useful means by which some find an amazing summary of some great works of literature. In …

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