Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 27

The Life of Moses…LTC Style

L.T.C. (Leadership Training for Christ) has been a focus for members of the Lord’s church for 25 years. A branch off the Lads to Leaders which began in 1968, L.T.C. has been preparing our young men to speak, lead singing and read scripture. Our young ladies learn how to lead women’s devotionals, sign for the …

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Apr 24

Who’s In Control?…April 27th

What does it mean to be ‘in control?’ Do you have to have authority and power to maintain control over someone or something? Many will assume you have to be stronger, more talented, or meaner, or smarter to be in control. And though those traits might prove beneficial, is that all it takes? Perhaps it’s …

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Apr 17

The 10th Resurrection…April 20th

When the son of Zarephath and the daughter of Jarius died, they were brought back to life by the power of God. Lazurus, Dorcas and Eutychus each died, but were resurrected at the hand of Jesus, Peter and Paul. Take a quick review of the scriptures and you’ll find these five individuals were not the …

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Apr 14

Tax Relief

What a great feeling we have when we finally fulfill our civic duty and file our annual income taxes. Is this a great time of year or what? Maybe not so much, but don’t forget Romans 13:7; “Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear …

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Apr 11

The Second Leg…April 13th

The starting pistol is aimed toward the sky and with a BANG the race is on! While some will run with earnest, there are others who will quit before they get out of the blocks. But if the truth be known, there are some who have been running their race for quite a while. It’s …

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Apr 04

From the Beginning to the End…April 6th

There’s a simple little pamphlet that provides ‘expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, and (the) historical background’ of many literary works. This study guide, CliffsNotes, has provided students with the opportunity to learn about a specific book. A useful means by which some find an amazing summary of some great works of literature. In …

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Apr 01

A Tattoo…Are You Kidding Me?

Below is a conversation, an electronic dialogue between a father and his daughter who was away¬†at college. The girl was attending a Christian college as was her brother. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Daughter: “Morning dad, I just heard that Alex (the father’s son/the girl’s brother) is going to get a …

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