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Feb 16

A Song Leader’s Guide…Pt. 1

Over the years some of my brothers and sisters in Christ have asked me, “How do you do it? How do you know what notes to sing, when you’re directing the songs, how do you know how to move your arms, how can you sing in front of so many people?” First of all, I’m …

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Apr 03

The Obituary God Wrote…April 5th

At the death of a loved one we gather together and listen to an obituary. A story, a short re-account of the birth, life and death of the one who has passed. There have even been times when the one who has died is able to write his own obituary, but  more often than not, …

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Feb 14

Marrying a Stranger…Feb. 16th

The formal wedding ceremony is one we are all familiar with. But this morning we’ll look at a very different ‘wedding’ found within the pages of God’s word. Consider this thought; would you marry someone you’ve never met? It’s one thing to have an arranged marriage, but what if the first look you have at …

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Nov 14

Learning How to Walk…Nov. 17th

Many parents cherish the time when they watch their child take those first steps.  The thrill of knowing their baby is becoming more independent is both a joy as well as an eye-opener. Physical families and church families alike are excited as the ‘babes’ learn to walk.  With the awareness of this new found skill …

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Sep 06

A Trip to the Beauty Salon…September 8th

As a young boy, I remember mother giving me the monthly haircut.  With tears in my eyes she would take the old Oster hair clippers, a pair of scissors and set out to ‘lower my ears.’  Today, things are different.  A trip to get a hair cut might leave me short $15-20.  The ladies, however, …

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May 14

Come into the House of the Lord and Worship

“So David arose from the ground, washed, anointed himself and changed his clothes; and he came into the house of the Lord and worshiped.” II Samuel 12:20 A complete review of this passage finds no songs of praise, no musical attributes and no reference to singing.  But let the focus from this passage be the …

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Apr 27

Asking Directions on the Way to Canaan…April 28th

At Waterview church of Christ, we are dedicated to studying, learning and following God’s word.  Robert Oglesby will present a message this morning that is designed to help us focus on our ‘journey’ to heaven. How much thought do you give to your ultimate destination?  Is heaven just an assumed ‘next step’ or is it …

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Apr 19

Crossing the Finish Line…April 21st

Monday afternoon, April 15th, our country suffered yet another ‘terrorist’ attack.  As the runners neared the finish line of the Boston Marathon, a bomb shattered the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.  Even while we are ‘running the race’ and trying to finish strong, tragedy can strike at our hearts.  But I encourage the …

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Mar 01

GIGO…March 3rd

My prayer for those who are reading this to be drawn closer to understanding the purpose we share on Sunday morning.  We come together and worship God, we come to offer a sacrifice of praise and to join together as we commemorate our Lord’s death, burial and resurrection. This coming Sunday morning (March 3rd) we’ll …

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Feb 18

A Problem on the Way to the Promise Land…Feb. 17th

Sunday morning, February 17th at Waterview church of Christ, our lesson was aimed some of our trials/problems on our way to heaven.  To be specific…complaining! As we examined the Israelite nation (post Egyptian captivity), Robert opened the word and we looked at how often the people of God complained about; the water and food (or …

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