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Jan 05

Come Share the Lord

Reflecting on and remembering the death of the Lord Jesus is perhaps the best and most humbling thing one can do with their time. There are many ways we can reflect upon His death; however, there is one way we are commanded to. Each week the faithful children of God meet and reflect on the …

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Mar 16

A Song Leaders Guide…Pt. 2

As we continue to look at The Song Leader’s Guide, you’ll remember previously we talked about “Being Prepared.” Though we can never underestimate the importance of working with the preacher and coordinating the song service, the second point is of equal value. In today’s article we’ll look at the next recommendation for song leaders. We …

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Mar 17

Blessed by a Noisy Neighbor

A special thanks to Lindy Bell from Plano, Texas. She wrote an article for the Daily Devotional Magazine, Power for Today and has agreed to share it here as well. Her Christian patience and love as she deals with a ‘noisy neighbor’ is both insightful and refreshing. Perhaps you should ask yourself if you could …

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Jun 17

Vacation Bible School…Pt. 1

For many of us, summer time brings memories of Vacation Bible School. Whether you rode the Joy Bus, brought cookies or taught a class (or participated in any of the above), VBS was a highlight of the summer months. So for the next few weeks I’d like to reminisce about the songs we used to …

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May 31

Three Things God Wants From Us…June 2nd

We often ask God for safe travel and healing for the sick.  Ever notice how our prayers are often saturated with what we want from God?  But how much do we think about what God wants from us?  Does He have any expectations of His children? Sunday morning at Waterview church of Christ we’ll examine …

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May 20

Can We Improve the Service?

What makes service good and or bad?  Perhaps the best example of ‘service’ comes when you consider your waiter or waitress.  They offer a service for the customer that can either be useful or not. Have you ever visited an elegant restaurant?  As you walked in you receive a gracious welcome from your host.  You …

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Apr 22

Ancient Songs from the Old Testament

For the next few months articles will be shared from the research of my uncle, Richard Dent.  He and his wife live in Kansas where he has served in the educational system for more than 40 years.  Yet more than educating young people, he serves as a part-time preacher for the Tyrone church of Christ …

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Feb 05

We’re Marching and Singing to Zion…Pt 1

“Come, we that love the Lord, and let our joys be known; Join in a song with sweet accord and thus surround the throne.…”  This spiritual song, written by Isaac Watts, is more than 300 years old and yet it still admonishes the Christian to stay faithful as we’re ‘Marching to Zion.’  Singing we strive …

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Jan 21

That’s All I Want…Jan 20th

A friend of mine shared a GREAT idea about posting the order of worship for members of the congregation and prospective worship leaders.  This simple use of the world wide web will allow those interested to get a glimpse of what’s coming up for Sunday morning.  Nice idea, and one I think will benefit those …

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Jun 10

Are You ‘Teachable’?

How ‘teachable’ do you think you are?  Are you open to comments, questions or even constructive criticism?  We can never be what we were intended to be if we aren’t receptive to instruction.  After 15 years in formal, public education I learned that it’s not just about how willing and eager I am to teach, …

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