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Jun 01

How Can I Know There Is a God? … June 4th

following Christ

There is a question that has been asked for generations, from young and old, ‘How do you know? You say this is the way it goes, but how do you know?’ Some will tell you that the answer to the question is this…but how do they know? Even the jury needs to know for sure …

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Nov 28

The Christian’s Bumper Sticker…Nov. 30th


Have you ever driven up behind someone, noticed they have a bumper sticker only you’re not quite able to read it? We squint and strain to see if there is some nugget of value. Or maybe that car in front of you doesn’t have ‘a’ bumper sticker, they’ve got dozens. We get an idea of …

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Jun 19

The Adopted…June 22nd


During the early 70’s, my mom and dad served the West Texas region as ‘foster parents’ for children who were waiting adoption. In some situations we received new born babies so early, we were given the responsibility of giving them their name. A huge obligation, but though we ‘fostered’ these young children for months, we …

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Jun 01

God, Just or Unjust?…June 1st

scales of justice

With all the sincerity of a 5 year old, I remember our youngest looking up and pleading his case, “But it’s not fair! Why does he get to stay up and I have to go to bed?” In the parent-child relationship we understand how some things are ‘just that way.’ Our decisions, as we see it, …

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Aug 09

The Green Peach Principle…August 11th

peach pie

With the summer sun beating down, a nice juicy Georgia peach would be a welcome refreshment.  Then again, a warm slice of peach pie would be just as good.  But why would the lesson on Sunday morning be focused on peaches…green peaches no less? Sunday morning we’ll gather together and listen to a lesson presented …

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