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Jan 05

Come Share the Lord

Reflecting on and remembering the death of the Lord Jesus is perhaps the best and most humbling thing one can do with their time. There are many ways we can reflect upon His death; however, there is one way we are commanded to. Each week the faithful children of God meet and reflect on the …

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May 08

Preacher Training School…May 11th

Training comes in different forms to accomplish different results. But regardless of the method, there will never be success without proper training. A teacher goes through years of education (training) to become a professional educator. A skilled carpenter must be trained by a competent mentor. And in like manner, an effective preacher needs years of …

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Mar 30

Worship…in Song

I love to sing songs of praise to God.  There are some songs that I consider to be my favorites, and I’m sure you have your favorites as well.  Going back, I can’t remember a time when singing hymns weren’t a part of my life.  “The Old Rugged Cross“, “We Praise Thee, O God“, “He …

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Mar 25

Here I am to Worship…Really?

Before we announce that we are coming to worship, perhaps we should first ask ourselves, “What is worship?”  By definition, worship is a mental or spiritual act, a sense of awe and reverence in the presence of the divine.  It is NOT an experience we have in the presence of God, but the act of …

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