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Dec 24

I Believe…I Believe!

Leading up to this time of year, world-wide, children and adults alike express a belief in Santa Claus. ‘If you’re good enough, then he’ll leave something for you under the tree’, is what we’re told from a young age. We have put so much trust and devotion into ‘being good’, so that we won’t be …

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Oct 24

Reading Your Own Future…Oct. 26th

What if you could tell the future? To know what’s coming up, would that be a good thing or would you be uncomfortable knowing there might be something not so pleasant just ahead of you? We take each day in stride because we trust in God’s providential power. But what if God Himself were to …

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Oct 18

Can a Christian Be a Thinking Person?…Oct. 19th

It was written in 1929 by Ernest Hemingway in the novel, A Farewell to Arms. A simple sentence that haunts mankind, “All thinking men are atheists.” The secular world would have you believe that faith in God is weakness and scientific ignorance.  In a world that speaks with disdain toward God and elation toward self, …

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Aug 05

Who Is Going to Win?

Several of my best friends are ministers in the Lord’s church.  Some have been in mission fields around the world while others have served the Lord stateside. One of my best friends has worked as a missionary in Poland, Russia and most recently the Ukraine.  We have been friends since the late 1980’s and I’m …

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Mar 26

Hear Me When I Call…

This morning a friend of mine passed away.  He had lived a long life, but unfortunately had struggled much during these last few months and years.  Without a doubt this gentlemen was an inspiration to me, and not to me alone.  His faithful spirit and gentle demeanor served as an encouragement to all you had …

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Mar 16

Whose Side Are You On?

Do you remember, as a kid, being on the playground or in the park with your friends and choosing up sides?  I  remember my friends and I on the baseball diamond, putting together our teams.  The ‘captain’ (often self-appointed) would stepped in front of the line of eager athletes and begin his draft.  Each of …

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Mar 15

Peace…Be Still!

The storm was relentless in it’s attack upon the small boat, and the sailors fought desperately to keep her afloat. As the waves beat upon the vessel and the sea began to pour over the side some of the men began to fear for their lives. All seemed to be lost as the storm and …

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Mar 14

Biblical Songs

What makes one of the songs we sing on Sunday morning characterized as a Biblical song as opposed to one that would be considered un-Biblical (or as some have defined, a problem song)?  Is there some criteria or some sort of a ‘scale’ that we can use to determine our song choice?  Whether we like …

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Mar 13

Rock of Ages…

Have you ever sung a song and wondered what it was exactly did I just sing?  What does it mean when I sing, “…when life’s stormy billows roll…”?  I’m afraid to many of us sing without putting much thought into the words of the songs we’re singing.  Let’s consider a few words (and the meaning) …

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Mar 09

Who Will You Follow?

In 1963, Little Peggy March recorded a song written by Franck Pourcel that many, if not all, of us have heard at one time or another.  Though this song was first recorded and release in Europe during the 1950’s; during the spring of 1963, it hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.  This made Ms …

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