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Jul 20

A Cry of Compassion…July 23rd

The sight of an animal being mistreated causes most of us to feel sorrow for the abused. But when you see a lost child waiting for someone to stop and help, it stirs the heart to action. Perhaps one of the most valuable traits we can possess in this life is compassion. To be able …

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Jan 10

Memory: Friend or Foe?…Jan. 11th

Memories…flood the corners of my mind, or at least how the song goes. But do our memories serve to inspire us or haunt us? Age and sickness have a way of displacing some of our fondest memories. That is discouraging when we think of all the good times we’ve had, but perhaps that’s not such …

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May 15

Would You Choose to be Hated?…May 18th

If you had the choice of walking down the road where everyone loved and admired you, or walking the path of rejection and hatred…which road would you choose? Some say that’s easy, of course I’ll take the more pleasant path. Love and respect always trumps rejection, doesn’t it? Why would anyone want to be hated? …

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