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Aug 15

What Does ‘A Capella’ Mean?

“Suppose they asked you if you could sing A Capella, would you know what to do?” Barney Fife tries to explain to Rafe Hollister what it means to ‘sing A Capella’ and though he doesn’t get the definition right, he says what many may be thinking. [LINK]  To defend his thoughts about A Capella singing, …

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Jul 04

We Shall Meet…But We Shall Miss Him.

An American Icon has passed away!  Note: Andy Taylor is the man, the icon, from Mayberry.  Andy Griffith, the man, missed the mark later in life as he embraced, in my opinion, several ‘un-Mayberry’ type policies. Andy Taylor was a man who served as the fair and just, level headed sheriff of a small town …

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