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Aug 29

“…In the Light of His Word.”

How often do we focus on the unbearable heat of the sun (that we dread encountering… especially in the summer time) as opposed to its soft, soothing warmth? As I was driving to class one morning, I got a bit of a chill and then happened to drive past a portion of sunshine that had broken through …

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Jul 19

He Walked Like a Man

“Do you fear the force of the wind, the slash of the rain? Go face them and fight them, be savage again. Go hungry and cold like the wolf, go wade like the crane. The palms of your hand will thicken, the skin of your cheek will tan. You’ll grow ragged and weary and swarthy…but …

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Apr 03

The Obituary God Wrote…April 5th

At the death of a loved one we gather together and listen to an obituary. A story, a short re-account of the birth, life and death of the one who has passed. There have even been times when the one who has died is able to write his own obituary, but  more often than not, …

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Sep 27

The Sign of the Covenant…Sept. 28th

A verbal commitment is binding, and yet an agreement that is documented (written) is stronger still. But what about an agreement between two individuals that has physical implications? A physical sign of what we have agreed upon. A handshake is physical, but is there more to it when it comes to our agreement, our covenant, …

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Aug 22

Parents and Children…Aug. 24th

The responsibilities of parenthood can be, at times, overwhelming. When our children are babies we worry about their health, strive to keep them clean and always well fed. As they grow we focus on keeping them ‘well balanced’ in life. Opportunities for sports, the arts and growing and maturing. But still we worry about their …

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Aug 19

Walking With Royalty

This simple song could be classified as ‘contemporary,’ though it sings and sounds like many of our traditional hymns. Written and arranged by Alton Howard in 1971, I Walk with the King has a strong message of how we should live (walk) in this life. Each verse begins with the confirmation of WHO we spend …

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Apr 11

The Second Leg…April 13th

The starting pistol is aimed toward the sky and with a BANG the race is on! While some will run with earnest, there are others who will quit before they get out of the blocks. But if the truth be known, there are some who have been running their race for quite a while. It’s …

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Mar 14

Is There Life After Life?…Mar. 16th

From generation to generation this question has been asked in some form or fashion, by young and old alike; what happens after this life? Will we live again? Even looking into the book of Job we read this question being asked by a man of God who suffered through the trials of life. In extreme …

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Mar 07

Two Preachers…March 9th

If asked to name some ‘preachers’ from the Bible, who would you come up with? Some from the New Testament would be Peter & Paul for sure (not to mention John the Baptizer, and of course Jesus, the Christ). Even within the pages of the Old Testament we read about “The Preacher” understanding that to …

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