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Oct 17

True Love…Is It Real? Part 2

“The Love of my Life” That is something that someone would say to express ‘true love.’ Someone you honor and respect receives this title. And if we are the ones that God has chosen as His people, and considering all that He has done for us, we must acknowledge that He is the love of …

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Aug 29

“…In the Light of His Word.”

How often do we focus on the unbearable heat of the sun (that we dread encountering… especially in the summer time) as opposed to its soft, soothing warmth? As I was driving to class one morning, I got a bit of a chill and then happened to drive past a portion of sunshine that had broken through …

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Nov 10

On the Sea…On the Land…In the Air

On the 11th day of this 11th month, our nation will pause to remember and honor all those who have served this country. Recognizing this as Veterans Day, our nation owes a debt of gratitude to all those who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces. From the Army, Navy, Air Force, …

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Oct 12

How Can I Promote the Brand of NT Christianity?

Those who have lived or worked on a ranch know the job is long and hard. Branding cattle is more than just rope ’em, hold ’em, brand ’em, but it’s part of the process every rancher takes if he wants to maintain his herd. And the distinguishing ‘mark’ serves to show that there is an …

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Apr 18

The Family…April 19th

Ask five people to define the word ‘family’ and you’ll most likely get five different answers. Some see the family as a father, a mother and children. Others see a family as grandparents, mother, father and children. Still others say the family need only be a mom and dad…with or without kids. Regardless as to …

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Jul 14

Teach It…Prepare for It…Do It!

For years we have insisted, and rightly so, on training and preparing our young men to preach the word of God. Christian colleges, universities, and preaching schools, as well as “Preacher Training Camps,” dot the countryside, preparing our young men to fill the pulpit as strong evangelists for the Lord’s church. Still we must ask …

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Jul 08

Vacation Bible School…Part 2

Already this summer, many have enjoyed their annual Vacation Bible School. Still other congregations are anticipating the exciting week of Bible study and energetic singing. We’ll continue this three-part series looking at VBS songs from yesteryear that still motivate, inspire and encourage children (and adults) today. Last time we looked at the words of “Joy, …

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Dec 21

From Heaven to Bethlehem…Dec. 22nd

Gift giving is common during this time of the year.  We shop for that special something for that special someone.  But for just a moment consider those gifts that have been bought, wrapped and are sitting beneath your tree.  Each one of them came at a cost.  Someone ‘paid’ for those gifts.  A sacrifice was …

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Nov 30

How To Be Un-Thankful…Dec. 1st

These last few days most of us have been focused on ‘Thanksgiving.’  And if we’re truthful with ourselves we have all received some form of a blessing.  So how do I show someone I’m thankful?  Is there a phrase or an action that will express my appreciation to them?   We can learn to be thankful …

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Sep 09

His Grace Reaches Me

Written in 1964, Whitney Gleason penned a song that has touched the hearts of thousands during the past 50 years.  Though a simple soprano lead is heard in the verses, the supporting parts break into a strong four-part harmony with the chorus.  But least we miss the message of this spiritual song consider the words; …

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