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Aug 18

9-1-1 or 4-1-1?

Almost 35 years ago, a comedy hit the silver screen with the tag line, “Who ya gonna call?” Most know the response as the title of the movie…”Ghostbusters!” If you have ghosts, call for help. But away from Hollywood, some 25 years earlier, the ‘Universal Emergency Number’ was established. You know that number as 9-1-1. …

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Jul 23

The Third of Three Gifts

For the past 23 years, this home has been blessed by one, then two and eventually three gifts from God. They came in the form of Logan, Emili and Dillon! We have loved them, carried them, walked with them, and prayed with them. Having children is truly a blessing from God. But the childhood years …

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Nov 15

Inspired or Inspiring?…Nov. 16th

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings I look forward to a text from my daughter. She is a sophomore at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee and her first class of the morning is at 7:30. Her ‘wake up’ call to me is a picture of the sunrise silhouetting the newly erected Bell Tower on campus. For …

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Jul 18

Putting the ‘Stew’ back in Stewardship…July 20th

In the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi the prophet addresses sin in the priesthood. In their sacrifices, they were offering up ‘defiled food.’ By law, a pure animal was required, but instead they were giving God the blind, the sick and the lame. Their sacrifices were useless (vs 10). But what about us …

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Jun 27

Fixing the Pharisees…June 29th

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But the reverse could be true; if it is broken, it needs to be fixed. Your car doesn’t start so you find out what’s wrong with it and fix it. Your computer is running slow, so do some checking and then get it …

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Jun 19

The Adopted…June 22nd

During the early 70’s, my mom and dad served the West Texas region as ‘foster parents’ for children who were waiting adoption. In some situations we received new born babies so early, we were given the responsibility of giving them their name. A huge obligation, but though we ‘fostered’ these young children for months, we …

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Apr 17

The 10th Resurrection…April 20th

When the son of Zarephath and the daughter of Jarius died, they were brought back to life by the power of God. Lazurus, Dorcas and Eutychus each died, but were resurrected at the hand of Jesus, Peter and Paul. Take a quick review of the scriptures and you’ll find these five individuals were not the …

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Dec 06

A Servant is Not Above His Master…Dec. 15th

Every respectful employee understands the expectations of working for his employer.  My boss tells me what do to, and I do it (as the scripture says without grumbling or complaining, Phil. 2:14).  Yet in a culture that questions authority, this concept is becoming a rare commodity.  How do we revive the principle of respect and …

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Sep 20

The Silence of the Lambs…September 22nd

Fearful of their surroundings, an unlikely threesome walk down a brick road chanting the infamous, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, O my…” They feared what many consider vicious predators.  Animals whose character is powerful and ruthless.  It’s true, some of God’s creatures are not to be trifled with; but on the other hand, some are …

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Sep 17

Before the Throne of God

William Bradbury lived during the mid-1800’s (1816-1868) and wrote the music for some well known hymns sung by the saints for generations.  Songs like ” ‘Tis Midnight and On Olive’s Brow”, “He Leadeth Me” and “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”.  Other favorites like “Just As I Am” and “Soldier’s of Christ, Arise” are …

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