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Mar 02

The Prayer of the Children

In January, the Freed-Hardeman Chorale toured North Texas during their Winter Tour. I was blessed to hear them sing most every night of the 12 day tour, and one of my favorite songs they sang was written by Kurt Bestor. In 2005, he shared the background for the song and how it was born from …

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Jan 26

Ride the Morning Winds

A special “Thank You” to Kaleigh Hayner for providing this insight in a song that has touched thousands. Kaleigh is a freshman at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee. She is from North Carolina with a strong appreciation and love for music. The video recording at the end of this article is from the Freed-Hardeman Chorale’s …

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Jul 19

He Walked Like a Man

“Do you fear the force of the wind, the slash of the rain? Go face them and fight them, be savage again. Go hungry and cold like the wolf, go wade like the crane. The palms of your hand will thicken, the skin of your cheek will tan. You’ll grow ragged and weary and swarthy…but …

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Oct 24

Reading Your Own Future…Oct. 26th

What if you could tell the future? To know what’s coming up, would that be a good thing or would you be uncomfortable knowing there might be something not so pleasant just ahead of you? We take each day in stride because we trust in God’s providential power. But what if God Himself were to …

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Oct 11

Life on the Battlefield…Oct. 12th

A¬†soldier’s job is defined by struggle. When conflicts arise, these men and women put to practice all their training. A soldier, by definition, fights. Even in peace time, he is preparing himself for the inevitable battle. But what causes some in the heat of the battle to fight and die on the battlefield, while others …

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Aug 08

Boiling the Frog?…Aug. 10th

My wife loves to collect cookbooks. She would spend hours on end just reading the recipes, looking for something interesting and new. And though she has cookbooks lining the shelves in our kitchen, I have yet to find a recipe for ‘boiled frog.’ Some have told me fried frog legs are delicious, and I understand …

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Jul 25

Add, Take Away & Turning…July 27th

In a society that depends upon rules and laws, how are we doing when it comes to obeying the ‘laws of the land?’ Most will say that’s not an issue, we obey and do what is expected. But consider our driving habits. We have a posted speed limit, but do we follow it or just …

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Jul 03

The Mystery of Forgiveness…July 6th

According to the scriptures, if someone sins against me I should forgive him 490 times! At least as a kid that’s what I thought when I read the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 18. Peter asked Him, “…how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times? But …

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Jun 23

Spiritual Understanding in a Material World

A recent email from one of our ministers at Waterview church of Christ caught my eye and I felt it appropriate to share it with you. Consider your ‘faith in Christ,’ what exactly does that mean? Is your faith something you can hold on to? By definition, the word faith means; “Belief that does not …

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Apr 14

Tax Relief

What a great feeling we have when we finally fulfill our civic duty and file our annual income taxes. Is this a great time of year or what? Maybe not so much, but don’t forget Romans 13:7; “Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear …

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