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Nov 26

Part 1: To Care or Not to Care…?

It was about 10:30 a.m. or so, and I was sitting in a local, and seemingly popular, millennial coffee shop, attempting to work on some things for remainder of my current school semester and for post-school work. I decided taking a second to pull back from my work and reign in my thoughts, so I …

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Apr 03

The Obituary God Wrote…April 5th

At the death of a loved one we gather together and listen to an obituary. A story, a short re-account of the birth, life and death of the one who has passed. There have even been times when the one who has died is able to write his own obituary, but  more often than not, …

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Jan 10

Memory: Friend or Foe?…Jan. 11th

Memories…flood the corners of my mind, or at least how the song goes. But do our memories serve to inspire us or haunt us? Age and sickness have a way of displacing some of our fondest memories. That is discouraging when we think of all the good times we’ve had, but perhaps that’s not such …

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Nov 18

Remember the Soldiers

This past Saturday morning we honored our veterans at Waterview church of Christ. More than 130 of us gathered for breakfast and fellowship as we recognized 40 veterans and their widows. We listened to a couple of patriotic songs and two inspirational readings. One of those poems was entitled “A Soldier Died Today.” Written by …

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Jul 18

Putting the ‘Stew’ back in Stewardship…July 20th

In the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi the prophet addresses sin in the priesthood. In their sacrifices, they were offering up ‘defiled food.’ By law, a pure animal was required, but instead they were giving God the blind, the sick and the lame. Their sacrifices were useless (vs 10). But what about us …

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Jun 19

The Adopted…June 22nd

During the early 70’s, my mom and dad served the West Texas region as ‘foster parents’ for children who were waiting adoption. In some situations we received new born babies so early, we were given the responsibility of giving them their name. A huge obligation, but though we ‘fostered’ these young children for months, we …

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May 02

Die Empty…May 4th

What a helpless feeling as your car sputters to a stop, leaving you to look down and see the gas gauge on EMPTY. With nothing left, your gas tank is dried up. It’s one thing to accidentally ‘run out of gas,’ but it is something entirely different to purposely drain your tank. So the question …

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Apr 24

Who’s In Control?…April 27th

What does it mean to be ‘in control?’ Do you have to have authority and power to maintain control over someone or something? Many will assume you have to be stronger, more talented, or meaner, or smarter to be in control. And though those traits might prove beneficial, is that all it takes? Perhaps it’s …

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Mar 27

Passing the Baton…Mar. 30th

The year was 2008, and four men were running for their life. Their adversaries were all around, but they were prepared for this moment. They knew the routine and had visualized it (and done it) over and over and over. Then disaster struck. Two of the four men failed to complete their assigned duties. They …

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Jan 24

Will You Join Me for Supper?…Jan. 26th

Every Sunday morning we meet together to worship God, sing songs of praise and edification and study from His holy word.  But above all, we come as a collected body of His people to commemorate our Lord’s death, burial and resurrection.  And we do so, as He commanded, by taking the bread, His body, and …

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