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Apr 13

A Song Leader’s Guide…Pt. 3

Since February we have been following a series of three lessons that focus on the responsibilities of the song leader, otherwise known as the Song Leader’s Guide. This last of three articles will be centered around the Three “P’s” of song leading; Proactive, Practice and Plan. Though this article may over lap with the first …

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Mar 16

A Song Leaders Guide…Pt. 2

As we continue to look at The Song Leader’s Guide, you’ll remember previously we talked about “Being Prepared.” Though we can never underestimate the importance of working with the preacher and coordinating the song service, the second point is of equal value. In today’s article we’ll look at the next recommendation for song leaders. We …

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Aug 14

Good Morning, Lord!

“Well I’m up in the morning and I’m feeling OK…Don’t want the devil to get in my way so I’m down on my knees and I’m starting to pray, ‘Good Morning, Lord!’ Good morning, Lord! Send a little sun(son)shine down my way. Good morning, Lord! I just want to live for you today.” Earlier this …

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Jul 17

How Can I Be a Christian in a Corrupt Society…July 19th

What does it mean to say that something is corrupt? A warning on your computer screen that reads, “Corrupted File” will no doubt put a damper on your day. If something has been corrupted, the original has been compromised, damaged or destroyed. By definition, to be corrupt, there has been a negative impact that causes someone, …

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Apr 10

Quotes for Life…April 12th

We all have dilemmas in life, and yet we’re unique in every aspect. A struggle or temptation for one might not be a struggle for another. Even as we experience similar difficulties, we often respond differently. Our comfort is knowing that in God’s word each of us can find the answers we need. Perhaps we …

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Mar 02

Mary’s Song…Luke 1

Do we realize how powerful our words can be? We hear the saying a lot, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…” But in all honesty, that is not true, and I speak from experience. The words that we speak on a daily basis can either bring someone’s spirit …

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Jan 02

The New Year’s Resolutions ‘Short List’…Jan. 4th

Have you taken the time to write down your New Year’s Resolutions? How many do you have on your list? Perhaps it’s short and to the point, a list of only three or four things you really want to do this year. Or maybe you are one of those ‘high achievers’ who has 10 or …

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Dec 16

Questions of the Season…Do you see what I see?

With so much activity in our lives, it’s rare that at this time of the year, we would take time to stop and look up into the night sky. Our commercialized life style is too focused on office parties, secret Santa’s, last-minute shopping and the ‘hustle and bustle’ of this wonderful season. Nothing wrong with …

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Nov 21

How Does This Manna Taste to You?…Nov. 23rd

Being a ‘picky eater’ is what we would call the child who sits and stares at his food. And those infamous words, “I don’t like this!” are usually preceded by 30 minutes of sitting alone at the table watching the plate grow cold. Are we mean parents for insisting our kids eat what has been placed …

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Nov 15

Inspired or Inspiring?…Nov. 16th

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings I look forward to a text from my daughter. She is a sophomore at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee and her first class of the morning is at 7:30. Her ‘wake up’ call to me is a picture of the sunrise silhouetting the newly erected Bell Tower on campus. For …

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