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Jun 01

How Can I Know There Is a God? … June 4th

There is a question that has been asked for generations, from young and old, ‘How do you know? You say this is the way it goes, but how do you know?’ Some will tell you that the answer to the question is this…but how do they know? Even the jury needs to know for sure …

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Aug 14

Good Morning, Lord!

“Well I’m up in the morning and I’m feeling OK…Don’t want the devil to get in my way so I’m down on my knees and I’m starting to pray, ‘Good Morning, Lord!’ Good morning, Lord! Send a little sun(son)shine down my way. Good morning, Lord! I just want to live for you today.” Earlier this …

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Mar 14

The Ancient Future…Mar. 15th

With the day coming to a close and the sun beginning to set on the West Texas horizon, I remember the confrontation quite well. It was pretty cut and dry from my view of point, my brother called me a baboon and I was going to ‘let him have it.’ The only problem, mom was …

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Feb 20

Convinced, Convicted, Converted…Feb. 22nd

It’s one thing to be convinced of something, but something totally different to be converted. Then again, how can I be converted without ever having  been convicted? When you consider the Christian walk, we understand this progression. But perhaps it was never more clearly established as it was on the Day of Pentecost as noted …

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Oct 18

Can a Christian Be a Thinking Person?…Oct. 19th

It was written in 1929 by Ernest Hemingway in the novel, A Farewell to Arms. A simple sentence that haunts mankind, “All thinking men are atheists.” The secular world would have you believe that faith in God is weakness and scientific ignorance.  In a world that speaks with disdain toward God and elation toward self, …

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Aug 29

Absolute Truth?…Aug. 31st

In a world where we’re told right is wrong and wrong is right, how is one to know what to do? Maybe it doesn’t matter. We just do what we want, when we want, how we want. “To each his own.” Of course, when it comes time for an answer, and a decision is required, is …

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Jun 23

Spiritual Understanding in a Material World

A recent email from one of our ministers at Waterview church of Christ caught my eye and I felt it appropriate to share it with you. Consider your ‘faith in Christ,’ what exactly does that mean? Is your faith something you can hold on to? By definition, the word faith means; “Belief that does not …

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Apr 27

The Life of Moses…LTC Style

L.T.C. (Leadership Training for Christ) has been a focus for members of the Lord’s church for 25 years. A branch off the Lads to Leaders which began in 1968, L.T.C. has been preparing our young men to speak, lead singing and read scripture. Our young ladies learn how to lead women’s devotionals, sign for the …

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Mar 27

Passing the Baton…Mar. 30th

The year was 2008, and four men were running for their life. Their adversaries were all around, but they were prepared for this moment. They knew the routine and had visualized it (and done it) over and over and over. Then disaster struck. Two of the four men failed to complete their assigned duties. They …

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Feb 27

From New Life to Eternal Life…March 2nd

Once a year we take some time to recognize and encourage our families with new born babies. This Sunday we’ll honor six of our young families and their new additions. But what possibly could we gain from focusing on this ‘new life?’ As a child Timothy was raised by his mother and grandmother (2 Timothy …

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