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Aug 04

A or B: Finding & Following God’s Will…Aug. 2nd

a or b

One of my favorite passages is found in Romans chapter 10 as Paul admonishes the church in Rome with a reminder from the book of Joel, “And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be delivered…”  Paul wrote in verses 14 & 15… “How then will they call …

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Jan 30

The Waterview Legacy…Feb. 1st

Jesus calls us

This coming Sunday morning, Waterview church of Christ will walk with Robert Oglesby as he comes to the end of a fifty-two year journey. Every Sunday, Robert has stepped into the Waterview pulpit to break the bread of life to the congregation. He and his wife, Willora, have walked this path with love, loyalty and …

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Mar 14

Is There Life After Life?…Mar. 16th


From generation to generation this question has been asked in some form or fashion, by young and old alike; what happens after this life? Will we live again? Even looking into the book of Job we read this question being asked by a man of God who suffered through the trials of life. In extreme …

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Aug 26

A Light in the Darkness

walking in darkness

When the night is dark and the moon is black (a new moon), the absence of light makes it hard to get around.  Objects are only shadows and often hard to distinguish. The simplest of forms are distorted and the ability to make things out is complicated.  It’s a feeling of being blind without the …

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Jul 01

LTC…Be Devoted


In the spring of 2009 this group of young men came together to praise God with their voices.  They practiced for weeks on end to learn how to harmonize and lift before the Father several songs of praise.  These boys were ‘devoted’ to giving God the glory and sought to encourage those who listened. Though …

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May 31

Three Things God Wants From Us…June 2nd

what God wants...1

We often ask God for safe travel and healing for the sick.  Ever notice how our prayers are often saturated with what we want from God?  But how much do we think about what God wants from us?  Does He have any expectations of His children? Sunday morning at Waterview church of Christ we’ll examine …

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Apr 16

Following the Shepherd…

shepherds staff

Finding wisdom in a young heart is a cherished thing.  Often we anticipate , even expect, wise thoughts to come from our elders (elderly), but when a young person shares some solid, Biblical insights I personally find it refreshing.  Such an opportunity came to me several weeks ago.  Read the words and thoughts of a …

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Aug 24

Everything Changes, Except…


Change isn’t easy!  As a matter of fact, Sydney Harris, an American journalist for the Chicago Daily News once said, “Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.” Change can be hard to face at …

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Aug 13

If it wasn’t for the Lighthouse…

flash light

How dark does the night have to be… before you realize you can’t see where you’re going? We wander through the darkness hoping that eventually we’ll find our way.  But add to the black of the night some wind and rain.  Feel the sting from the rain and the power of the storm…all in total …

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