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Apr 13

A Song Leader’s Guide…Pt. 3

Since February we have been following a series of three lessons that focus on the responsibilities of the song leader, otherwise known as the Song Leader’s Guide. This last of three articles will be centered around the Three “P’s” of song leading; Proactive, Practice and Plan. Though this article may over lap with the first …

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Jul 23

The Third of Three Gifts

For the past 23 years, this home has been blessed by one, then two and eventually three gifts from God. They came in the form of Logan, Emili and Dillon! We have loved them, carried them, walked with them, and prayed with them. Having children is truly a blessing from God. But the childhood years …

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Feb 28

The Incubator…March 1st

As a young boy growing up on a West Texas farm, I remember well the days we would raise little baby chicks. From hatchlings we would nurture them with heat lamps, clean water, the appropriate feed, warm straw and a secure chicken coop. Though I don’t recall if we ever ‘incubating’ the eggs, they were …

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Feb 13

Satan’s Thinking Traps for Relationships…Feb. 15th

Waterview church of Christ is excited to host the 2nd Annual Marriage Enrichment Seminar; One Man, One Woman, For Life. This year we are proud to welcome one of the outstanding professors from Harding University, Dr. Joe Brumfield. His topic Sunday morning will examine some of the ‘thinking traps’ Satan has set in an attempt …

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Jan 30

The Waterview Legacy…Feb. 1st

This coming Sunday morning, Waterview church of Christ will walk with Robert Oglesby as he comes to the end of a fifty-two year journey. Every Sunday, Robert has stepped into the Waterview pulpit to break the bread of life to the congregation. He and his wife, Willora, have walked this path with love, loyalty and …

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Dec 26

Three Times a Year You Must Go to Church…Dec. 28th

As a child I remember hearing (probably asking), ‘Are we going to church today?’ A simple question from a simple mind. Each and every Sunday morning my family would get up and drive into town to meet with our church family for worship on the first day of the week. Notice, I said ‘every Sunday …

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Nov 18

Remember the Soldiers

This past Saturday morning we honored our veterans at Waterview church of Christ. More than 130 of us gathered for breakfast and fellowship as we recognized 40 veterans and their widows. We listened to a couple of patriotic songs and two inspirational readings. One of those poems was entitled “A Soldier Died Today.” Written by …

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Oct 07

When the Vacation’s Over

Remember the holiday season when family would come to visit? Our homes would be open to aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, cousins and nephews, relatives who traveled days to stay with us during the holidays. I can still hear the ringing laughter and recall the days packed with meals together, games, stories and memories. …

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Jul 22

Vacation Bible School…Part 3

How quickly the summer seems to fly by. And whether you’re feeling the heat of the summer months, or enjoying some unseasonably mild temperatures, at the Waterview church of Christ, we’re in high gear preparing for and planning our annual Vacation Bible School. This article concludes a three-part series looking at VBS songs that motivate …

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Jun 19

The Adopted…June 22nd

During the early 70’s, my mom and dad served the West Texas region as ‘foster parents’ for children who were waiting adoption. In some situations we received new born babies so early, we were given the responsibility of giving them their name. A huge obligation, but though we ‘fostered’ these young children for months, we …

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