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Jun 30

Dealing with Rejection…July 2nd

“To dismiss or refuse a proposal; to shun or cast out.” At one time or another each of has experienced REJECTION. Have you ever said, ‘That was a good idea, how could they just shoot it down?’ When you believe in a project, and have taken a strong stance, only to be soundly rejected…how do …

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Feb 04

Rejoice in the Lord…Always?

This week is the Freed-Hardeman’s Lectureship in Henderson, Tennessee. For seventy-eight years this noble institution has invited strong, Bible-based speakers across the nation to share their thoughts and understanding from God’s word. This year’s lectureship has been focused on I & II Thessalonians and men like David Shannon, Ralph Gilmore, Bruce McLarty and Bill Watkins have taken …

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Jan 21

When Do You Pray?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Jonah?”  A man who ran from God?  Or perhaps you envision a giant fish (a whale) that swallowed and sustained him for 3 days and 3 nights (Jonah 1:17).  Or maybe you’ll remember a city destined for destruction, only to be spared because of this reluctant …

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Sep 23

A Golden Opportunity

Have you ever wished you had known about something that was coming up so you could have been a part of it?  A presentation or special program that you would have promoted, supported or at least attended if someone had ‘clued you in’ on the opportunity.  Sometimes we find out about things after the fact …

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Jul 12

The Good Samerican…July 14th

Jesus tells the story of a man who was traveling on the road to Jericho only to be ‘mugged’ by highway robbers.  Being stripped of all he had and left for dead (literally) the man is at the mercy of those who pass by as they too travel the road.  You know how the parable …

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