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Jun 15

How Did We Get Here?…June 18th


Driving down the street with your mind on that meeting; your spouse’s doctor appointment and the ‘conversation’ you had with the kids earlier, did you notice the stop sign? Of course I did, I stopped didn’t I…didn’t I? After leaving the house you drove those familiar streets to your next stop, but have you ever …

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Mar 30

How to Deepen/Strengthen Your Faith

Gods Word

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not as spiritual as you’d like to be? Perhaps you’ve just felt like your walk with Christ wasn’t as good as it once was. Some may have even found themselves going through a time when they just didn’t care. As a Christian when you know that you …

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Apr 03

The Obituary God Wrote…April 5th

sun in the clouds

At the death of a loved one we gather together and listen to an obituary. A story, a short re-account of the birth, life and death of the one who has passed. There have even been times when the one who has died is able to write his own obituary, but  more often than not, …

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Aug 15

The Spread of the Kingdom…Aug. 17th

thomas and Jesus

“Go, therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” These are the final words, recorded in Matthew …

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Jul 11

Bible Study Flashbacks…July 13th

Gordon's Calvary

“A memory revisited” is one of the definitions given for a flashback. And most likely you’ve experienced such an event. Remembering something back in time, a flashback to the past. But what kinds of ‘flashbacks’ do I have with Bible study? Are there examples of such things found within scripture? Look no further than Luke …

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Jul 03

The Mystery of Forgiveness…July 6th

faith is the victory

According to the scriptures, if someone sins against me I should forgive him 490 times! At least as a kid that’s what I thought when I read the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 18. Peter asked Him, “…how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times? But …

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Jun 01

God, Just or Unjust?…June 1st

scales of justice

With all the sincerity of a 5 year old, I remember our youngest looking up and pleading his case, “But it’s not fair! Why does he get to stay up and I have to go to bed?” In the parent-child relationship we understand how some things are ‘just that way.’ Our decisions, as we see it, …

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May 23

Jesus Only…May 25th

Only Jesus

Some say you do it this way; others say, no, do it like this. How is one to know what is right and what’s wrong? Could it be both are OK? Perhaps in some situations it doesn’t matter how the job gets done as long as it gets done. However, can the same be said …

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Apr 17

The 10th Resurrection…April 20th

jairus daughter

When the son of Zarephath and the daughter of Jarius died, they were brought back to life by the power of God. Lazurus, Dorcas and Eutychus each died, but were resurrected at the hand of Jesus, Peter and Paul. Take a quick review of the scriptures and you’ll find these five individuals were not the …

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Mar 25

What Will You Do…?

jesus before pilate

As a child your parents undoubtedly told you when to go to bed, when to get up, what to wear and where to go. That’s the job of a mom and dad. And as a child, you did what your parents told you to do…or at least you should have. But what happens when you …

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