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Aug 04

A or B: Finding & Following God’s Will…Aug. 2nd

a or b

One of my favorite passages is found in Romans chapter 10 as Paul admonishes the church in Rome with a reminder from the book of Joel, “And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be delivered…”  Paul wrote in verses 14 & 15… “How then will they call …

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Jun 30

Dealing with Rejection…July 2nd


“To dismiss or refuse a proposal; to shun or cast out.” At one time or another each of has experienced REJECTION. Have you ever said, ‘That was a good idea, how could they just shoot it down?’ When you believe in a project, and have taken a strong stance, only to be soundly rejected…how do …

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Mar 27

Red-Faced or Repentant?…Mar. 29th


It’s a reassuring thing when you hear someone apologize for doing wrong. We call that ‘repentance.’ But not everyone is sorry for sinning, some are just sorry for getting caught sinning. We used to say, “He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.” And that usually meant punishment. But are we really sorry …

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Mar 14

The Ancient Future…Mar. 15th

standing on the promises

With the day coming to a close and the sun beginning to set on the West Texas horizon, I remember the confrontation quite well. It was pretty cut and dry from my view of point, my brother called me a baboon and I was going to ‘let him have it.’ The only problem, mom was …

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Mar 07

Measuring Time…Mar. 8th

Measuring Time

When we talk in terms of ‘time,’ we don’t typically have trouble keeping track of seconds, minutes, hours or days. We can measure the hours in a day, the days in a week, the weeks in a month and the months in a year. It’s no trouble to even measure the years in a decade, …

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Dec 26

Three Times a Year You Must Go to Church…Dec. 28th

Norman Rockwell...going to church

As a child I remember hearing (probably asking), ‘Are we going to church today?’ A simple question from a simple mind. Each and every Sunday morning my family would get up and drive into town to meet with our church family for worship on the first day of the week. Notice, I said ‘every Sunday …

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Dec 05

You Can’t Fool Me…Dec. 7th

man in the mirror

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying; “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Where it originated isn’t known, but the sentiment is clear, ‘I might be tricked once, but it won’t happen again.’ At the same time there are those who say, ‘You can’t fool me…I know better.’ But some believe …

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Oct 18

Can a Christian Be a Thinking Person?…Oct. 19th

Thinking mind

It was written in 1929 by Ernest Hemingway in the novel, A Farewell to Arms. A simple sentence that haunts mankind, “All thinking men are atheists.” The secular world would have you believe that faith in God is weakness and scientific ignorance.  In a world that speaks with disdain toward God and elation toward self, …

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Oct 11

Life on the Battlefield…Oct. 12th

crown of thorns

A soldier’s job is defined by struggle. When conflicts arise, these men and women put to practice all their training. A soldier, by definition, fights. Even in peace time, he is preparing himself for the inevitable battle. But what causes some in the heat of the battle to fight and die on the battlefield, while others …

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Aug 19

Walking With Royalty

father son walking

This simple song could be classified as ‘contemporary,’ though it sings and sounds like many of our traditional hymns. Written and arranged by Alton Howard in 1971, I Walk with the King has a strong message of how we should live (walk) in this life. Each verse begins with the confirmation of WHO we spend …

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