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Apr 28

Salvation Belongs Our God

One of my favorite things about psalms, hymns and spiritual songs is finding scripture woven within the songs we sing. The 23rd Psalm, “The Lord’s My Shepherd,” Lamentations 3, “The Steadfast Love of the Lord” as well Psalm 121, “Unto the Hills” are songs we sing that quote almost verbatim the text. Recently I have …

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Aug 19

Walking With Royalty

This simple song could be classified as ‘contemporary,’ though it sings and sounds like many of our traditional hymns. Written and arranged by Alton Howard in 1971, I Walk with the King has a strong message of how we should live (walk) in this life. Each verse begins with the confirmation of WHO we spend …

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Jun 06

Why Have Graduations?…June 8th

Many students will ‘walk the stage’ sometime in the next few days and weeks. Whether they are moving from preschool to elementary, high school to college, or college to ‘the real world,’ we see graduations all around. We understand the importance of milestones in life, and the excitement we feel upon reaching them. Even the …

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Sep 13

After God’s Own Heart…September 15th

In an age when we see microscopic details, it’s important to remember that  God sees more clearly than we ever can; He sees into our hearts.  Consider these passages; I Samuel 16:7 ‘…man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’ Psalm 26:2 ‘Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine …

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Apr 16

Following the Shepherd…

Finding wisdom in a young heart is a cherished thing.  Often we anticipate , even expect, wise thoughts to come from our elders (elderly), but when a young person shares some solid, Biblical insights I personally find it refreshing.  Such an opportunity came to me several weeks ago.  Read the words and thoughts of a …

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Jan 21

That’s All I Want…Jan 20th

A friend of mine shared a GREAT idea about posting the order of worship for members of the congregation and prospective worship leaders.  This simple use of the world wide web will allow those interested to get a glimpse of what’s coming up for Sunday morning.  Nice idea, and one I think will benefit those …

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