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A Cry of Compassion…July 23rd

The sight of an animal being mistreated causes most of us to feel sorrow for the abused. But when you see a lost child waiting for someone to stop and help, it stirs Lost childthe heart to action. Perhaps one of the most valuable traits we can possess in this life is compassion. To be able to not only see when someone is hurting, but to act upon that need…that is compassion.

Our Savior’s compassion was demonstrated over and over again…“Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes…” (Matt. 20), “Moved with compassion, Jesus reached out His hand and touched him..” (Mark 1), “When the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her…” (Luke 7). No wonder Paul instructs the follower of Christ to “…put on heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” (Colossians 3:12) But how far does that compassion care us? Is there a limit to our compassion. Join us on Sunday morning (July 23rd) as we turn our hearts and listen to “A Cry of Compassion.”

“…I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the mind also.” I Corinthians 14:15

Sunday morning, July 23, 2017

The following songs are found in the hymnal, Songs of Faith & Praise.

“Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah” – 3

Beginning the worship together with a song from the scripture is a great way to praise our God and focus on His word. You may want to read over the 148th Psalm…or just sing it while you turn in your Bibles. You’ll notice the chorus (Psalm 148:13) is sung last. It’s a great account from the text to the sheet music.

“Lord, We Come Before Thee Now” – 797

A song, a prayer, setting for us an example of how we should/could come before God’s throne. With a petition (suit) we ask for His mercy, compassion and guidance. Notice verse 2, “Lord, on Thee our souls depend; in compassion now descend; fill our hearts with Thy rich grace, (and) tune our lips to sing Thy praise.”

hear my prayer“Hear Me When I Call” – no book

“Hear me when I call, O God my Righteousness…” Again, a song from God’s word (Psalm 4) as we come bowing in prayer before the throne. This hymn/psalm is a call for God’s compassion, and a stirring line from the 1st and 4th verse never ceases to move me, “…hold my trembling hand, lest helpless I should fall.”

“O Sacred Head” – 318

Some will say this is a difficult song to sing as a congregation, and it does sound of Old English, with a composer from the 1700’s, but the message is unmistakable. Follow the 2nd verse, “What language shall I borrow to thank Thee, dearest friend, for this Thy dying sorrow, Thy pity without end.” Pity can mean ‘shame, or disappointment,’ but in the context of this hymn/spiritual song, pity means compassion. His compassion never ends. As we partake of the Lord’s Supper, and as we see His wounded, sacred head, remember His pity, His compassion, for us.

“If That Isn’t Love” – 379

“God demonstrated His love for us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!” Romans 5:8 “If that isn’t love…” than we have no idea of compassion. And so we’ll sing in verse 2, “Even in death He remembered the thief hanging by His side; He spoke with love and compassion, then He took him to Paradise.” Thanks be to God for that kind of compassion…may we live like Christ died!

“O To Be Like Thee” – 429

Brother T.O. Chisholm penned a hymn in the late 1800’s that we’ll sing this morning to encourage us and remind us of the compassion Christ had for His church. Notice verse two…“O to be like Thee, full of compassion; loving forgiving, tender and kind…” But that’s not all that goes into compassion, let’s keep singing. “…Helping the helpless, cheering the fainting, seeking the wandering sinner to find.” Are we compassionate; are we helping those who can not help themselves? Do we encourage those who stumbling? Are we compassionate?

“Does Jesus Care” – 507

How do I know if Jesus cares about me? Is His compassion for everyone but me? If you are still wondering about that, you haven’t heard the message of His compassion. The soul needs only look to His cross to see HIS love and compassion. So what about you…Do you care, do you have a heart of compassion?

“Love Divine” – 140

This closing song seems to sum up our message from today, but look closely at the end of this verse, “Jesus, Thou art all compassion, pure unbounded love Thou art. Visit us with Thy salvation, enter every trembling heart.” Our Savior is all compassion, but will our hearts be ‘trembling’ enough to allow Him to enter in? Will we hear and be moved to action by “A Cry For Compassion?”

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