Mar 30

How to Deepen/Strengthen Your Faith

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not as spiritual as you’d like to be? Perhaps you’ve just felt like your walk with Christ wasn’t as good as it once was. Some may have even found themselves going through a time when they just didn’t care. As a Christian when you know that you could be more devoted, but your heart struggles with being close to God…what do Gods Wordyou do? If we are true to ourselves, each of us has had times when our ‘love for Christ’ has grown cold or weak. Is there something we can do, some where we could turn? Scripture should always be our first approach, followed by (and accompanied with) prayer. But personally, when Satan poisons my heart with lies and interferes with my walk, I tend to turn to the psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. “In Christ Alone” (Keith Getty, 2007), “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” (Helen Lemmel, 1922), “Day by Day” (Caroline Berg, 1865) and “I Need Thee Every Hour” (Annie Hawks, 1872) are just a few of my ‘go to psalms’ in times of distress. But today let me encourage you to follow the thought of a song written in 1837 by John R. Wreford…

“When my love to Christ grows weak, (exactly what we’re talking about here) when for DEEPER faith I seek, then in thought (in your ‘mind’s eye’) I go to thee, (read, Matthew 26:36-46, Mark 14:32-42 & Luke 22:39-46) Garden of Gethsemane!

Jesus praying

There (in the garden) I walk amid the shades, while the lingering twilight fades, (it’s evening and the sun is going down) see that suffering, friendless One (can you see Him, in ‘your mind’s eye?’) weeping, praying there alone. (But what if I’ve fallen so far that even the sight of a man suffering and struggling doesn’t bother me? (Then read on…)

When my love for MAN grows weak, when for STRONGER faith I seek, (what can I do, where should I go ‘in my mind’s eye?’) Hill of Calvary! (go to the cross if you have trouble caring about mankind…that’s where Christ went! To the cross…) I go to the scenes of fear and woe. (Again, read the text, Matthew 27:33-54)

There (at the cross) behold His agony, suffered on the bitter tree; (look at the scripture, Mark 15:22-39 or Luke 23:33-47) see His anguish, see His faith (if you haven’t read the above passages, you’ll never over come the struggle of a wavering faith)…love triumphant still in death. (Now, what are you going to do?)

Then to life I turn again (away from the poetic imagery in your mind to real time), learning all the worth of pain (His death was for YOU), learning all the might that lies (a lesson we must all learn) in a full self-sacrifice. (where you give your life over to God. Remember, it’s not about  you!)”

The answer, if you’re struggling in your walk with Christ, if you want to be have a more spiritual tone in your life…if you want to care again… stop living for yourself. We can be more devoted and closer to God, but we need to ‘learn the might that lies in a FULL self-sacrifice.’ He sacrificed Himself for you and me. Can you, will you, do that for others? When we do, we’ll deepen and strengthen our faith in God.

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