Mar 16

A Song Leaders Guide…Pt. 2

As we continue to look at The Song Leader’s Guide, you’ll remember previously we talked about “Being Prepared.” Though we can never underestimate the importance of working with the preacher and coordinating the song service, the second point is of equal value. In today’s Humble leadershiparticle we’ll look at the next recommendation for song leaders. We must know and practice humility. Without a humble spirit, our song leading becomes nothing more than a stage for your assumed presentation. Not a good thing!

Not only should we be prepared…a good song leader will demonstrate humility before, during and after the worship services. Before worship services begin, walk down the aisle of the auditorium and visit with the members. Knowing them by name is an important connection you can make before you step up to lead. If you are too busy picking songs, or if you aren’t willing to visit with the members, you’ll never be able to properly lead them. A humble heart will see others as valuable, and be willing to invest time in them.

During the song service, demonstrate humility. Have a countenance of joy when the song calls for it, but avoid excessive facial expressions that draw undue attention to you. A smile will tell the congregation you believe in the message of the song. At all times, avoid a look of distress or frustration. If you mess up on a series of notes, or if you sing the wrong words, don’t let the congregation know it has ‘rattled you.’ Your brothers and sisters may not even know you made a mistake, but either way it won’t shake you because, “this is not about you.” When you lead a melancholy song, strive to focus the congregation on the seriousness of the song’s message. Remember, you can communicate the meaning of a song simply by the expression you have on your face.

And, humility must also be exhibited after the worship services. At times you may receive accolades regarding your ‘work’ following the worship. A common response by many song leaders is a simple ‘thank you.’ And to God be the glorythough there is nothing wrong with this reply, perhaps a better response would be ‘to God be the glory.’ However, if someone acknowledges my song leading, I prefer the phrase, ‘the congregation was in good voice.’ It is always best to turn the focus away from yourself, and towards our God and His church. Just remember that a humble heart cannot be seen in words, but in actions. Give praise to God and uplift His church or you run the risk of leaving the congregation feeling like spectators rather than participants.

Next month (April) we’ll conclude this three part series of a Song Leader’s Guide to Worship.

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