Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 28

The Incubator…March 1st

As a young boy growing up on a West Texas farm, I remember well the days we would raise little baby chicks. From hatchlings we would nurture them with heat lamps, clean water, the appropriate feed, warm straw and a secure chicken coop. Though I don’t recall if we ever ‘incubating’ the eggs, they were …

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Feb 20

Convinced, Convicted, Converted…Feb. 22nd

It’s one thing to be convinced of something, but something totally different to be converted. Then again, how can I be converted without ever having¬† been convicted? When you consider the Christian walk, we understand this progression. But perhaps it was never more clearly established as it was on the Day of Pentecost as noted …

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Feb 13

Satan’s Thinking Traps for Relationships…Feb. 15th

Waterview church of Christ is excited to host the 2nd Annual Marriage Enrichment Seminar; One Man, One Woman, For Life. This year we are proud to welcome one of the outstanding professors from Harding University, Dr. Joe Brumfield. His topic Sunday morning will examine some of the ‘thinking traps’ Satan has set in an attempt …

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Feb 07

Building a Canal…Feb. 8th

As a young boy I can remember singing the old song, “Low Bridge.” The words of the chorus are still fresh in my mind, “Low bridge, everybody down. Low bridge cause we’re coming to a town. Where you’ll always know your neighbor, you’ll always know your pal, if ya ever navigate the Erie Canal.” Written …

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