Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 27

The Sign of the Covenant…Sept. 28th

A verbal commitment is binding, and yet an agreement that is documented (written) is stronger still. But what about an agreement between two individuals that has physical implications? A physical sign of what we have agreed upon. A handshake is physical, but is there more to it when it comes to our agreement, our covenant, …

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Sep 19

Before & After the Wedding Cake…Sept. 21st

Weddings are wonderful occasions adorned with tears of joy, songs of emotion and words of commitment. But ask one of my boys what he likes the most about weddings (if he has to go) and he will tell you, the reception. Not for the greeting and visiting, but for the food. The mints are nice …

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Sep 12

The Awesome Power of Negative Fellowship…Sept. 14th

An ‘oxymoron’ is a statement that places side by side two elements that seem to be in contradiction of each other. Words and ideals that just don’t seem to match. Phrases like a dark light, a mournful optimist, deafening silence, or jumbo shrimp are referred to as an oxymoron. But consider something awesome (inspiring and …

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