Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 28

Heavenward ‘Applause’

For a moment, think about how we train our young people. Those in our children’s Bible classes and up through the teen years. So often we talk about teaching our young men to lead, but stop short of providing them with the opportunity. We provide summer trips, monthly activities and weekly Bible studies, we even …

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Jul 25

Add, Take Away & Turning…July 27th

In a society that depends upon rules and laws, how are we doing when it comes to obeying the ‘laws of the land?’ Most will say that’s not an issue, we obey and do what is expected. But consider our driving habits. We have a posted speed limit, but do we follow it or just …

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Jul 22

Vacation Bible School…Part 3

How quickly the summer seems to fly by. And whether you’re feeling the heat of the summer months, or enjoying some unseasonably mild temperatures, at the Waterview church of Christ, we’re in high gear preparing for and planning our annual Vacation Bible School. This article concludes a three-part series looking at VBS songs that motivate …

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Jul 18

Putting the ‘Stew’ back in Stewardship…July 20th

In the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi the prophet addresses sin in the priesthood. In their sacrifices, they were offering up ‘defiled food.’ By law, a pure animal was required, but instead they were giving God the blind, the sick and the lame. Their sacrifices were useless (vs 10). But what about us …

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Jul 14

Teach It…Prepare for It…Do It!

For years we have insisted, and rightly so, on training and preparing our young men to preach the word of God. Christian colleges, universities, and preaching schools, as well as “Preacher Training Camps,” dot the countryside, preparing our young men to fill the pulpit as strong evangelists for the Lord’s church. Still we must ask …

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Jul 11

Bible Study Flashbacks…July 13th

“A memory revisited” is one of the definitions given for a flashback. And most likely you’ve experienced such an event. Remembering something back in time, a flashback to the past. But what kinds of ‘flashbacks’ do I have with Bible study? Are there examples of such things found within scripture? Look no further than Luke …

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Jul 08

Vacation Bible School…Part 2

Already this summer, many have enjoyed their annual Vacation Bible School. Still other congregations are anticipating the exciting week of Bible study and energetic singing. We’ll continue this three-part series looking at VBS songs from yesteryear that still motivate, inspire and encourage children (and adults) today. Last time we looked at the words of “Joy, …

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Jul 03

The Mystery of Forgiveness…July 6th

According to the scriptures, if someone sins against me I should forgive him 490 times! At least as a kid that’s what I thought when I read the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 18. Peter asked Him, “…how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times? But …

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