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Dec 29

I Believe, I Believe

Bending down to pick up the bell that had fallen from the reigns of the sleigh, the young boy holds it to his ear and gently shakes it.  No sound can be heard, the bell is silent, just a faint whisper of doubt.  But the boy knows better, others have heard it clearly ringing and the evidence …

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Dec 27

A Compelled or Committed Disciple?…Dec. 29th

As a young boy I remember my parents telling me, “You don’t have to do the chores, you get to.”  My opinion was not that I was being honored by the work, but I was being compelled to do it.  My dad’s opinion was just the opposite.  If I wanted the benefits of eating mom’s cooking and the privilege of …

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Dec 25

Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

The following account is one man’s record of how we came to know and love “Silent Night.”  The accompanying video (YouTube) is sung acapella by St. Thomas Boy’s Choir.  They’re singing this song in its original language, German.  The story is told…   In 1818, a roving band of actors was performing in towns throughout the Austrian Alps. …

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Dec 23

I’m Dreaming of…

In January, 1940, Irving Berlin penned the words to a song we have heard and sung during Christmas for years.  The words are simple and the message couldn’t be clearer; “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.  Where the tree tops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells …

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Dec 21

From Heaven to Bethlehem…Dec. 22nd

Gift giving is common during this time of the year.  We shop for that special something for that special someone.  But for just a moment consider those gifts that have been bought, wrapped and are sitting beneath your tree.  Each one of them came at a cost.  Someone ‘paid’ for those gifts.  A sacrifice was …

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Dec 18

Mary Did You Know?

Few Christmas songs have been written in the last decade that compare with this stirring, poetic masterpiece from the pen of Mark Lowry.  Written as though interviewing Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mark took a very unique perspective in creating this popular Christmas song.  As if he were the reporter writing a story on Jesus, …

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Dec 16

Angels We Have Heard on High

In 1855 the French carol, Les Anges dan Nos Campagnes, was first published.  The tune, which tells of the angelic announcement of Christ’s birth, was later translated and published into English.  This refrain of the classic song takes the text from Luke 2:14 and provides the message the shepherds heard more than 2000 years ago; …

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Dec 14

O Holy Night

Each of us enjoy hobbies that help to pass the time.  Some sew, some read and some would rather ‘play.’  Some like to walk and talk while others like to sing.  But for some, writing is their favorite.  Self publishers and bloggers are evidence of the fact.  But this isn’t a new found favorite.  In …

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Dec 12

Joy to the World

Two brilliant song writers, separated by almost a century of time and half a world apart, created of one of the most recognizable ‘Christmas hymns’ ever sung.  Issac Watts and Lowell Mason were musical icons who blazed new trails for spiritual renewal.  Their work has touched the hearts of God-fearing men, women and children for …

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Dec 09

Breath of Heaven

God’s word is complete and gives us all we need for salvation in Christ Jesus.  We know the scripture is ‘God breathed’ and we are secure in following His word.  Still there are some things within its pages that we don’t know.  Questions like, what was Jesus like as a child?  And, whatever happened to …

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