Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 29

A Terrifying Thing!


Some sights and sounds can be frightening when you first see or hear them.  Perhaps it’s the unknown that gives us a chill, but the cry of a stray cat in the dark of the night, or the wind blowing through the branches of tree on a dark street can be a little spooky this …

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Oct 25

He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear…Oct. 27th


Have you ever considered the difference between hearing and listening?  We hear the sound of the traffic on the highway, but we listen when the driver behind us honks.  In frustration some may say, “Yeah, I hear you!”  But though their ears have heard the voice, the mind hasn’t processed (or even rejects) the message.  …

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Oct 22

More Than a Coincidence

to chisholm

Concerning a particular situation or a specific set of circumstances some might said, ‘What a coincidence!’  But how do we know if something is coincidental (lucky) or if it’s more likely providential?  Often we look at life and see it as lucky or unlucky, black or white and yet all the while we might be …

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Oct 18

Winning First Place…Oct. 20th

pure in heart

How excited is the Olympic athlete when he/she comes in second?  Why are we thrilled to come in first, but fall into the doldrums of depression when we lose?  The athlete prepares themselves to win, and stand on the podium for the gold medal, not the silver.  Even in life we strive for first place…never …

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Oct 18

Are You A Citizen?…October 13th

muddy feet

Philip Nolan was a fictitious Army Lieutenant for the Union during the American Civil War.  Accused of being an accomplice of treason he is put on trial.  During his testimony, in anger, he renounces his country shouting, “I wish I may never hear of the United States again!” Shocked by the outburst of defiance, with …

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Oct 05

An Intimidating Student…October 6th


Sunday morning sermon’s are designed to encourage, inspire and motivate the listener, believer and unbeliever alike, to draw closer to the the Word of God.  The preacher will often put a title on his sermon to pull the audience toward the message with anticipation and interest.  So what can we know from the title of …

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