Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 27

The Opportunity of Weakness…September 29th

This Sunday, Robert Taylor will bring the morning lesson here at Waterview.  As we consider ‘The Opportunity of Weakness’ my first thought comes from the pen of Paul in II Corinthians.  Having an opportunity to be weak almost seems like a contradiction in terms.  But perhaps we need to look at the words of Christ …

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Sep 23

A Golden Opportunity

Have you ever wished you had known about something that was coming up so you could have been a part of it?  A presentation or special program that you would have promoted, supported or at least attended if someone had ‘clued you in’ on the opportunity.  Sometimes we find out about things after the fact …

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Sep 20

The Silence of the Lambs…September 22nd

Fearful of their surroundings, an unlikely threesome walk down a brick road chanting the infamous, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, O my…” They feared what many consider vicious predators.  Animals whose character is powerful and ruthless.  It’s true, some of God’s creatures are not to be trifled with; but on the other hand, some are …

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Sep 17

Before the Throne of God

William Bradbury lived during the mid-1800’s (1816-1868) and wrote the music for some well known hymns sung by the saints for generations.  Songs like ” ‘Tis Midnight and On Olive’s Brow”, “He Leadeth Me” and “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”.  Other favorites like “Just As I Am” and “Soldier’s of Christ, Arise” are …

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Sep 13

After God’s Own Heart…September 15th

In an age when we see microscopic details, it’s important to remember that  God sees more clearly than we ever can; He sees into our hearts.  Consider these passages; I Samuel 16:7 ‘…man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’ Psalm 26:2 ‘Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine …

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Sep 09

His Grace Reaches Me

Written in 1964, Whitney Gleason penned a song that has touched the hearts of thousands during the past 50 years.  Though a simple soprano lead is heard in the verses, the supporting parts break into a strong four-part harmony with the chorus.  But least we miss the message of this spiritual song consider the words; …

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Sep 06

A Trip to the Beauty Salon…September 8th

As a young boy, I remember mother giving me the monthly haircut.  With tears in my eyes she would take the old Oster hair clippers, a pair of scissors and set out to ‘lower my ears.’  Today, things are different.  A trip to get a hair cut might leave me short $15-20.  The ladies, however, …

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Sep 03

Thoughts From the Cross

Have you ever wondered what went through Jesus’ mind as He hung on the cross?  The gospel accounts tell us about the scorn of the soldiers, the hatred of the Jews, the fear of the apostles and the sorrow of Mary; but little is said of the mental state of Jesus Himself. Fortunately, almost a …

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