Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 30

The Opportunity of a Life Time…September 1st

Some things only come around ‘once in a life time.’  We look forward to those opportunities when we can ‘make our mark’ or share some level of expertise that will effect that one-time, life-changing event.  So what would you do when that time comes?  Do you know when that moment will be? Maybe we should …

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Aug 26

A Light in the Darkness

When the night is dark and the moon is black (a new moon), the absence of light makes it hard to get around.  Objects are only shadows and often hard to distinguish. The simplest of forms are distorted and the ability to make things out is complicated.  It’s a feeling of being blind without the …

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Aug 23

Hobson’s Choice?…August 25th

How much do you really want what’s being offered?  Are there times when you feel the ‘gift’ just isn’t worth it?  A father offers his son an old, beat up car as a graduation gift; but the boy was wanting something newer and with more appeal.  Dad’s response; ‘Well son, this is what you’ve got.  …

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Aug 20

Whose Hand are You Holding?

As the congregation spilled out into the foyer, brothers and sisters in Christ were visiting as they slowly headed toward the exits.  There was no sense of urgency, but rather the sound of hope wafted through the air as adults and children alike laughed and visited with the early Sunday morning crowd. This particular Sunday …

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Aug 16

The Hypocritic Oath…August 18th

Physicians, historically, work under a Hippocratic oath.  It means they promise to ‘practice medicine honestly.’  Part of the oath includes the following: “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients…and never do harm to anyone… I will give no deadly medicine to any one…nor suggest any such counsel…I will preserve the purity of …

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Aug 09

The Green Peach Principle…August 11th

With the summer sun beating down, a nice juicy Georgia peach would be a welcome refreshment.  Then again, a warm slice of peach pie would be just as good.  But why would the lesson on Sunday morning be focused on peaches…green peaches no less? Sunday morning we’ll gather together and listen to a lesson presented …

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Aug 06

Do We Want More? (part 3)

Whether it’s Oliver Twist asking for more gruel in the orphanage, or a young boy asking about ‘mo’ -lasses for his hotcakes; we all are looking for more of something.  As we conclude this three part study asking if ‘we want more’, we will examine the last verse of Phillip Bliss’ old hymn, “More Holiness …

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Aug 02

A Theology Written in Blood…August 4th

Christian’s understand and believe that faith is based on an eternal promise, an everlasting covenant.  And as we consider a covenant, it’s logical to conclude that it should be confirmed in writing.  But one written, confirmed, with blood?  Obviously a holy promise, a divine theology, that is written in blood must be of the highest …

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