Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 29

Here’s to My Best Friend…A Sister’s Toast

This past week my family and I spent the week on the west coast.  Our niece, Karissa, and her fiance John, were married in Visalia, California on Saturday, July 20th…Congratulations!  We enjoyed the nostalgic stops along Route 66 (from Amarillo, TX to Barstow, CA) as well as the majesty of the Grand Canyon.  Our ten …

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Jul 26

Sermons from an Empty Pew…July 28th

You might be familiar with the adage, “Actions speak louder than words.”  A smile might tell you someone is happy while a frown expresses disappointment or frustration.  But honestly, what sermon could we possible hear from an empty seat?  Is anything to be learned when someone is missing from church services.  Is it that big …

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Jul 19

The Danger of Drifting…July 21st

Without an anchor, a boat will drift and the stability of it’s location is lost.  We drop anchor to secure us and keep us from drifting away.  Scripture is rich in comparing our souls to a vessel and our anchor to Christ.  The Hebrew writer explains, ‘This hope we have as an anchor of the …

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Jul 15

Shaky Hands

Donna Holloway has penned a few articles for this website.  Late last year (December, 2012) she shared this experience with me as she joined her aging parents for Sunday worship.  The names of the men serving are her relatives and immediate family members.  Thanks for the reminder of how fragile life can be. This past …

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Jul 12

The Good Samerican…July 14th

Jesus tells the story of a man who was traveling on the road to Jericho only to be ‘mugged’ by highway robbers.  Being stripped of all he had and left for dead (literally) the man is at the mercy of those who pass by as they too travel the road.  You know how the parable …

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Jul 09

Do We Want More? (part 2)

Oliver is a young, orphan boy who, at the tender age of nine, lives each day with other orphans at the ‘workhouse.’  His daily routine is much like every boy in the orphanage.  He isn’t a trouble maker, but he does something no one else is willing to do.  After finishing his bowl of gruel …

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Jul 06

What Will We See in Heaven?…July 7th

Many think of heaven in terms as they remember from the book of Revelation, specifically chapter 21.  Images come to mind such as, ‘the pearly gates, streets of gold and the endless day.’  The scriptures do read, “The material of the wall was jasper; and the city was pure gold…the twelve gates were twelve pearls; …

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Jul 04

Looking Into the Dawn

There are some who are ‘early birds’ while others are ‘night owls.’  You’ve heard that the ‘early bird’ gets the worm, and the ‘night owl’ keeps vigil through the evening hours.  We all have our preferences when it comes to the morning watch or the late night.  Some are early to bed, early to rise …

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Jul 01

LTC…Be Devoted

In the spring of 2009 this group of young men came together to praise God with their voices.  They practiced for weeks on end to learn how to harmonize and lift before the Father several songs of praise.  These boys were ‘devoted’ to giving God the glory and sought to encourage those who listened. Though …

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