Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 28

An Impossible Dream…June 30th

One of my favorite, secular songs was sung by Jim Nabors in November, 1967 on the TV sitcom ‘Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.’  The song, ‘The Quest’ was originally written and sung in 1965 for the musical, Man of LaMancha.  You might remember it better by the title of our lesson this Sunday morning at Waterview, ‘Impossible …

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Jun 25

Congregational Singing

Last week, in his article about Hymnology, Richard Dent sited 7 rules for congregational singing.  Taking a deeper look into these principles might inspire us to consider how we sing on Sunday morning, and how (do) we prepare ourselves to sing. We mentioned the book by John & Charles Wesley from the early 1700’s, “Selected …

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Jun 21

Show & Tell Time…June 23rd

Ask any grade school child and they can tell you all about ‘Show & Tell.’  This is the time to share with your friends something you cherish and hold as very dear.  It’s an exciting time because it’s about something you know very well.  Something that is close to you and personally dear. ‘Show and …

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Jun 19

Hymnology…A Look at the 1700’s

Richard Dent’s research and writing will again grace this website as we look at Hymnology in some general terms. Have you ever thought that there are ‘rules’ for congregational singing?  In this report we’ll look at some ideas from Wesley, Watts and Newton.  Let’s consider how we can benefit from knowing more about the history …

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Jun 16

Five Non-Negotiable Duties of a Father

Being the father of three young adults and writing an article for fathers may seem a little pretentious.  But by no means do I intend to come across self-promoting.  Realizing our youngest is 15, and our older two children are college students is humbling in its own right.  But perhaps there are a few small …

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Jun 14

God’s Chosen Fathers…June 16th

On a clear Sunday afternoon in the mid-1990’s our family went to eat lunch after morning services.  As we were getting our children out of their car seats and into the restaurant, Logan, then three, asked, “Since we celebrate mommy’s on Mother’s Day and daddy’s on Father’s Day, when do we celebrate ‘Son Day’?”  My …

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Jun 11

Do We Want More? (part 1)

A young, southern boy was sitting down to the breakfast table with his older brothers and sisters, ready to feast on momma’s pancakes.  As the youngest in this family finally gets his plate of hotcakes, his momma asked if he’s ready for some molasses.  With all the southern slang the little boy had grown up …

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Jun 07

Jesus’ Plan For Drawing Us to God…June 9th

The scripture reading on Sunday morning at Waterview will be coming from John chapter 3, verses 9-15.  Notice the words of Jesus as He says, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up…”  The text of this reading is the basis for our lesson. …

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Jun 05

How Do You Spell Love?

Simple Truths is a motivational organization that provides some wonder encouragement and support to it’s readers.  This article is an excerpt from a book that reminds us of the shortness we find in this life.  Whether you are looking for motivation, or simply needing inspiration, Simple Truths will provide for you a great resource. “In …

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Jun 03

Lessons from a Pulpit

For those ‘church going’ folks, you know what the pulpit is.  You’ve seen one almost every Sunday morning, and you know the preacher (most of the time) stands behind it to deliver a message for the word of God. But sadly enough there are times when the message (the sermon) fails to live up to …

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