Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 29

Remembering Italy

This morning as I was catching up on some old friends (via Facebook), I notice there was a ‘friend request’ from an unfamiliar name.  The name of the lady was one I didn’t recognize and therefore didn’t know.  Most of the time I’m happy to accept request from people I’ve met or acquaintances from my …

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Jan 26

I Don’t Want to Experience That Again…Jan. 27th

The sermon title on Sunday morning (Jan. 27th) at Waterview church of Christ is entitled…“I Don’t Want to Experience That Again”.  Any thoughts on what Robert might have in mind?  Take a minute and look through the songs selection and maybe you can pull together the theme.  As the scripture says, “I will sing with …

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Jan 21

That’s All I Want…Jan 20th

A friend of mine shared a GREAT idea about posting the order of worship for members of the congregation and prospective worship leaders.  This simple use of the world wide web will allow those interested to get a glimpse of what’s coming up for Sunday morning.  Nice idea, and one I think will benefit those …

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