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Jul 28

What If…You Make the Choice?

Have you ever ask yourself, “What if…”? What if I oversleep? What if I lose my wallet? What if I miss my flight? What if I have to sell my house? The world is full of questions, and not just the ‘what if’ kind.  We could spend a lot of time talking and thinking about …

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Jul 26

Doing Chores…Part Two

What kind of chores do you have?  You know that we all have work to do, and in an earlier article we discussed a two-fold idea of ‘doing chores’. The idea of working on the farm (doing chores) and how we, through God’s Word, are referred to as sheep.  Understand this clearly, we are sheep, …

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Jul 24

How’s Your Memory?

On the first day of the week, every Sunday morning, Christians meet together to worship and fellowship with the family of God. We sing, we pray, we read scripture and we listen to a message spoken from God’s Word.  But our focus, every week, turns solemn as we remember our Savior’s death, burial and resurrection.  …

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Jul 21

Wake Up!

Veiled in the cover of darkness and intent on pure evil, a lone masked gunman interrupted the lives of thousands in Aurora, Colorado. The setting was a ‘late night movie’, the opening day for a blockbuster release featuring a popular, well loved super-hero…Batman.  Many across this nation joined in this event; at this same time, …

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Jul 19

Doing Chores…Part One

Having grown up on a farm I can clearly remember when it was time  to do the chores.  Each day we had some very specific chores.  During the 1970’s in  a rural, farming community it was not uncommon for us to have chores that dominated our day.  The cow had to be milked and the …

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Jul 16

Filling in the Blanks…

It’s raining cats and _____ outside! Completing this sentence should be no problem; you know the last word.  If the rain is really come down hard you might say, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs.’  (A phrase with an interesting background; I’ll share it with you sometime.)  Many times when you hear a familiar line you …

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Jul 13

Do You Want to Talk?

Think about this for a moment; who are you close to and who do you like to talk to?  Is there someone in your life with whom you can share your deepest concerns or your most intimate thoughts? Understanding that is a personal question, and one that honestly can only be answered by YOU; consider …

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Jul 06

The Value of Fine Gold and the Honeycomb!

“More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold!” Psalm 19:10 is the beginning for the ‘chorus’ of a song I recall singing during my youth.  A psalm that is not found in many (if any) of our hymnals.  To be quite honest, it was only a few years ago that …

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Jul 05

When Heaven Pierces Through the Clouds!

There’s a song I want to share with you from Ken Young’s group, “Hallal”.  Written in 2009, the song “Enter In” is a clear description of the final hours of life, countered with the joy we find when our loved ones leave this life and “enter in”.  You can find this song and several others …

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Jul 04

We Shall Meet…But We Shall Miss Him.

An American Icon has passed away!  Note: Andy Taylor is the man, the icon, from Mayberry.  Andy Griffith, the man, missed the mark later in life as he embraced, in my opinion, several ‘un-Mayberry’ type policies. Andy Taylor was a man who served as the fair and just, level headed sheriff of a small town …

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