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Jun 29

Area-wide Singing…

Recently a friend of mine shared with me this newspaper article from McNairy County Independent Appeal newspaper in west Tennessee.  The article announces a Sunday morning singing in Finger, Tennessee, just south of Henderson, Tennessee.  The date of this article is August 15, 1913.  Step back in time and read how a small, rural community …

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Jun 27

Securing the Hearts of Our Youth…Part 3

As we conclude this series on ‘Securing the Hearts of Our Youth’, let’s example the third component of mentoring and preparing faithful families.  Let’s turn again to examine the three previously mentioned, elements of securing their hearts.  I truly believe that each of these will help us in drawing our youth closer to God. Part …

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Jun 26

Securing the Hearts of Our Youth…Part 2

As we consider the importance of ‘securing the hearts of our young people’ for a life of faithful service, let’s continue to investigate the components of this pressing topic.  Digging deeper into the question at hand, we turn again to examine the previously mentioned, three basic elements of securing their hearts.  Together, I believe that …

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Jun 25

Securing the Hearts of Our Youth…Part 1

“How shall the young secure their hearts, and guard their lives from sin?”  Though penned almost three hundred years ago, this question continues to echo through the ages.  Finding its roots in Psalm 119:9, “How can a young man keep his ways pure?”  this passage and song express the concern of God-fearing parents and congregations …

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Jun 23

Down to the River…

Today is the ‘kickoff’ of the 26th Annual Red River Family Encampment in Red River, New Mexico.  In 1987 more than 400 brothers and sisters in Christ met in the New Mexico mountains for the first RRFE.  As we plan for this year’s encampment we are excited about the speakers and lessons that have been …

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Jun 22

Let’s Gather at the River!

When we read Revelation chapters 21 and 22, John is describing a vision of heaven as he spends his last days in exile on the island of Patmos.  From the beginning of this book to its close, we come to understand God’s desire for men to realize His promise of heaven and the assurance of …

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Jun 20

What’s in a Word?

Do you take the time to think about words?  In my speech I typically use words to which I know the meaning.  But how very often do we find ourselves singing songs, and saying words we don’t know?  This can happen when you consider the poetry of our hymns.  The rhyme and meter of a …

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Jun 17

He Led Me Home!

It was early in the fall of 1993 when Kent (my brother-in-law) and I made plans to take a hunting trip in the Colorado mountains.  He is a native Coloradoan and certainly no stranger to hunting, hiking or making his way through the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains.  To ensure this would be a …

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Jun 15

What is the Meter? Part 2

Last time we discussed the idea of, “…recognizing the music, but not the words?”  It’s important to note that the opposite can be true too.  Sometimes I’ll recognize the words, but can’t place the tune.  Let’s continue to investigate and determine the idea of METER.  (Note: Some have been know to refer to “meter” as …

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Jun 14

What is the Meter? Part 1

Have you ever found yourself singing a song and thinking, “I recognize the music, but I don’t recognize these words?”  Reading this post will hopefully help you answer and understand this question.   This is the first of a two part blog as we strive to understand the importance of singing and learning the meter …

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