Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 31

Not Guilty!

No doubt you have heard that on the last day of May, 2012, John Edwards, a former presidential candidate for our United States, was found not guilty!  All accusations of the misappropriation of funds, his inappropriate moral behavior, and his numerous ill-advised decisions and the jury said; “Not Guilty.” But notice the words that came …

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May 23

Singing a Medley

A medley is a collection of songs that are typically in the same key signature, with special attention given to the words.  The stronger, more consistent the message the more inspirational and encouraging the medley.  When a singing group presents a medley of songs the audience, the listeners, are usually inspired by the message of …

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May 20

Here I raise my Ebenezer…?

Have you ever sang through a song and wondered; ‘What was it that song was saying?’  We sing but do we really know what it is we are saying?  Look at this old hymn that dates back more than 250 years.  A song where we ask God to let His goodness be like a fetter; …

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May 17

Are You Listening?

Remember those early years in your life when playing outside until dusk was a common occurrence?  Staying out and playing from early morning until late in the day was simply not a problem?  My mother would simply open the front door and yell out my name, “Myron, it’s time to come home!”  (By the way, …

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May 12

Study to Show Yourselves Approved

How much work goes into an individual’s personal study time?  Each of us know the importance of working toward a task.  It takes time, work and practice if we hope to achieve any element of success.  The student may find himself up late at night studying and preparing himself for a final exam.  At the …

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May 10

Then Sings My Soul!

Have you ever considered the impact you might have on the lives of others based on what you might, write, say or do?  You might go throughout life unaware that there are people watching, listen and learning from you.  Let’s look at one event that continues to impact millions of lives… In the late 1880’s, …

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May 07

What Are You Reaching For?

Have you seen how a small child acts when he wants something from his parents?  He might hold his arms out and plead for the ‘gift’.  His actions might look sincere and earnest, or they might just be cute.  But either way, it’s obvious that he is earnest in his request.  He might even be …

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May 03

May We Truly Worship…

In 1944 a hymn was written that reminds us of the reason we partake of the Lord’s Supper.  A song that calls for God’s help to see more clearly His love for us.  We still sing this song today…in some congregations, but what did the author and composer (Tillet S. Teddlie) want us to take …

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