Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 30

Worship…in Song

I love to sing songs of praise to God.  There are some songs that I consider to be my favorites, and I’m sure you have your favorites as well.  Going back, I can’t remember a time when singing hymns weren’t a part of my life.  “The Old Rugged Cross“, “We Praise Thee, O God“, “He …

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Mar 29

The Fount of Blessing…

How often do we sing songs yet not give the words much thought?  We sing the words, maybe we even have them memorized, but we don’t really think about what we are saying.  Perhaps that happens all too often.  Start considering what you are singing.  Not just in the ‘songs, hymns and spiritual songs’, but …

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Mar 26

A Much Better Place

This morning I asked a friend of mine to write an editorial for one of our sisters here at church who passed away this morning.  She was 93 years old and has touched thousands of lives with her smile, her peaceful demeanor and her pen.  My friend (Mike Fairchild) wrote the following memorial: “This morning …

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Mar 26

Hear Me When I Call…

This morning a friend of mine passed away.  He had lived a long life, but unfortunately had struggled much during these last few months and years.  Without a doubt this gentlemen was an inspiration to me, and not to me alone.  His faithful spirit and gentle demeanor served as an encouragement to all you had …

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Mar 25

Here I am to Worship…Really?

Before we announce that we are coming to worship, perhaps we should first ask ourselves, “What is worship?”  By definition, worship is a mental or spiritual act, a sense of awe and reverence in the presence of the divine.  It is NOT an experience we have in the presence of God, but the act of …

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Mar 23

Verse by Verse…Hallelujah!

For almost 150 years we have been singing this hymn by William P. MacKay… “We praise Thee, O God, for the Son of Thy love, for Jesus who died and is now gone above,  Hallelujah! Thine the glory, Hallelujah! Amen.  Hallelujah!  Thine the glory; Revive us again.” I can honestly tell you that this is …

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Mar 20

A Psalm, a Hymn or a Spiritual Song?

Is there a difference between singing a psalm or singing a hymn?  If I’m singing a spiritual song how is that different (is that different) from singing a psalm?  Both Ephesians 5, and Colossians 3 use similar wording when talking about these three terms; “…speaking to (teaching and admonishing) one another in (with) psalms, and …

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Mar 19

A Song from Sadness

Horatio Spafford was a very successful business man.  His understanding and expertise in real estate and law had set him high above most men in his day.  That was until October, 1871.  On Sunday, October 8th, in the early morning hours, the city of Chicago, Illinois began to burn.  When the flames were finally dosed …

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Mar 18

Singers…Good or Not?

When it comes to singing in the Lord’s church, who judges whether someone is a good singer or not?  Should I determine if one voice is better than another?  In February 2000, over 13 years ago, Dan Jenkins wrote an article for the Gospel Advocate that addressed this very topic.  Let’s review some of his …

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Mar 16

Whose Side Are You On?

Do you remember, as a kid, being on the playground or in the park with your friends and choosing up sides?  I  remember my friends and I on the baseball diamond, putting together our teams.  The ‘captain’ (often self-appointed) would stepped in front of the line of eager athletes and begin his draft.  Each of …

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